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amber by polistirex (Album review) now on cassette

Today we’ll be looking at a Chillsynth / Chillwave album, amber by polistirex on Stratford Ct. Stratford Ct is best known for their chillsynth albums and my personal favorite compilation; Stratford Ct. | Sonus Auri. Intro to the album I like reading album descriptions before getting into an album. It puts me in the right […]

Hiraeth Records quickly becomes the top label as they teases HR003

Can we take a moment to talk about how impressive Hiraeth Records approach to running a label is? First off, for those that don’t know HR003, the third entry in the Hiraeth Records Cataloge, will be released this October on the 11th, 2019. The album is described as “Dungeonsoft from the depths of the forgotten […]

Club Culture Vol​.​2 by Dansu Discs + other releases

The first time a daily release has a headliner not related to a Vaporwave type album. Use Dansu Discs might be better known for their early Lo-fi house releases but now they are a huge staple in the UK electronic dance music scene and I’ve been on a huge house release lately, so this vinyl […]

GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases

There were so many releases today I had to limit how many I wrote about it. Who knew Monday nights / Tuesday mornings were such a big deal in the vapor scene. Speaking of big deals, GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories is on 2 different vinyls and it’s selling out quick. Don’t say I didn’t […]

internet lust by bbrainz gets vinyl & cassette release + other music

Today is a great Monday for releases. bbrainz releases his classic album internet lust on beautiful split splattered vinyl and cassette. Shall Not Fade, my favorite Lo-fi / House label is doing a massive bundle sale of their vinyl. Then out of know where BABEFAKE found some box set cassette cases and releases not only […]

Japanese Citypop sure looks good from your corporate office + other releases

Yeah… the title of this is a play off two releases; the albums Neon Lights (city pop) and Corporate needs you. But Pewdiepie does that in every video to draw eyes and in a round about way he does touch on things in said titles… I mean it’s the internet right? Idk, if these feels […]

UNI DELUXE, SWEEPS & SEV release new albums + more

I’ve written a lot about UNI DELUXE in the past and even got a chance to interview him a while back. I’m always excited to hear what music he is releasing. We also got a new cassette from Lo-fi legend and sci-fi fan, Sweeps. SEV also released a more vaporwave-y album I’m really digging. There’s […]

A Special Place In Hyperspace and other releases

Today’s a great day for vapor cassette collectors. Not only are we seeing some aesthetic album art (Floating Points), we also got a seikomart release and one from Late Night Tapes. Which btw, did you know Late Night Tapes usually gives a sticker away with their releases. I need to put that on my laptop […]

vaporpunk, Chillwave + other releases

Not too much going on today in the releases but luckily we got some cool music to listen to regardless. Something less is more because we are not overwhelmed with choices. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Did you know MTHU has Podcast on Google Podcast or iTunes? Physical […]

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