29+ new Vaporwave albums to introduce you to the scene

I say “new” vaporwave because all but two of these albums have been released in the past 48 hours. So we’re talking 27 albums released in 2 days, about 2 hours of me listening to music, formatting a comment and image / embed for and finishing this post. and that’s not even including the 10+ albums released yesterday I covered.

I try to cover all releases in our scene and some times I miss them. Not intentional. I made this post to just show you how much vaporwave and sub-genre music is released daily and how much music is out there for people to discover. Also did I mention our physical release calendar I maintain? or the youtube channel I post 2 times a week in? So if I sound salty it’s because I don’t like being called out for not supporting smaller artists. All vaporwave is, is small artists. lol

Physical releases

X P W A V E (Installation) by hypnotic dreams

X P W A V E (Installation) by hypnotic dreams (Limited Edition Cassette [PRE ORDER])

I love the description of the album (it’s on cassette fyi), “You know that time when you get a new computer, take it to your room and set it up, this is the soundtrack to that.” I’ve actually… well I’ve never bought a computer before, I’ve always been luckily enough to work for a company that supplies one. but I do remember my parents bringing home our first computer. I miss that feeling.

'gone​.​' by LUCID SOUND DRIVER & Broken Machine Films presents...

‘gone​.​’ by LUCID SOUND DRIVER & Broken Machine Films presents… (‘gone’ collab cassette)

I talked about this album earlier it’s a mix of vaporwave, and experimental. There’s only 9 cassettes left if you’re looking for VHS / Public Broadcasting vapor to add to your collection.

Digital Release

Journey through Albia by Strixxi

A very experimental album I must have missed on initial release (sorry). It’s Strixxi’s first vaporwave album that sticks to the more mysterious ambient side of things. As the album art shows and she describes in the album description, it’s based on Creatures game series. Slow growth and animal noises in tracks feel like your part of that world, Albia. The final track departure plays off the idea of death as all creatures do end up leaving us. An album to nails the experience of life. Virtual or not.


Didn’t see this album coming. I think it might be a mix of unreleased songs that haven’t made it on a full album yet. Check out the song Keep Trying.

Majority Rules? by Switch Major

It’s experimental more of an auditory experience than music on some tracks.


Wow KIOSK has that pad sound I love. I don’t know what it’s called but it reminds me of early 2000s house music. This is a good song which makes me happy because I thought the album art was generic.

Venus Virtual Plaza by 夢ΛEON // FOTOshoppeツ

I love this album art, it gives me ideas on what a thumbnail might look like in the future for the YT channel. This is a split by 夢ΛEON and FOTOshoppeツ. The album is on cassette but they didn’t use this album art. Look in the physical release if you’re interested in the cassette.

forgotten kingdom by MDM ジュース

ALBATROSS _55 グリーンに乗る has this spanish vibe to it but almost too chill. Like 3AM on animal crossing put you to sleep chill. There’s also vapor funk on the album.

Cepita’s Side Vaporwave EP by JalllieD

Vaporwave coming out of Argentina, I really enjoyed the hook in the song Drifting In Cream, “Sexy Robot” I wonder what sample thats off.

Agua & Fuego by ETHEREALUST

A mix of ambient and vaporwave. The chill vibes from Economy, Very Nice Place and others are worth the listen. Plus that album art looks almost classic. ETHEREALUST is a new artist to me but he’s on my radar now.


Do You Need A Girlfriend? SyybaNeTek Incorporated We Know What’s Out There.™ Apparently play this soundtrack in a bookstore and you might meet love. I’ll report back.


I get a mixed feeling of mallsoft with a slight paranoia listening to this album which is kind of cool and gave me ideas for a horror based vaporwave video possibly in the future. The cassettes are sold out but totally worth listening to still.

The Garage Tape EP by kvntckr

Listened to the whole album, Hippy Tea was the only one i could groove with. To many weird sounds for my lo-fi.

VAporSamplewave by blank.ZOΞʎ

Very well produced Future Funk. Feels really warm and full and the samples are catchy. Only 3 tracks can’t wait for a full album.

Passage by System96

4 tracks of really solid synth way. It’s on the more 80s side feel. I recommend System Boot.

In Perspecta by SΛINTSUNG

Chill ambient vapor. Emotions is probably the most interesting out of the 4 songs.

elsewhere by slowgramming

Slowgramming lives up to his name on this one. It’s chill slow chillout I guess. Not much tempo but more ambient evolution.

Smoothie Chaos by Michael Riverz

5 track album, remixing of catchy songs that I never heard of. Mainly Japanese I think?

Sindicato argentino de Vaporwave Vol 1 by MINGOMUSIK 2019

Volume one which include 1 song and an attempt to copy a popular album cover. Feels more like lo-fi hip-hop. I think this is more of a mix of sorts probably played live.

f a m i l i a r s by /// \/

Upbeat semi funky vaporwave. With the song paycheque it kind of sounds like it might be the original song just with a tremble boost and light sampling. idk.

Collection #1 by Midnight Waves

A pretty decent Future Funk Album. The base line on some of the tracks really stand out. The in some tracks it goes back to vaporwave.

さくら Shinobi EP by サクラSAKURA-LEE

A seasoned favorite in our scene. Selling out cassettes, MiniDisc and more. Another great album full of upbeat future funk and kawaii feels. Can’t wait to get this one on physical.

Ethereal Eternity by DDS BETA 2.0

FEEL YOUR DREAMS DIGITALIZED!!! DIGITALIZE YOUR FEELINGS!!! DREAM WITH DDS BETA 2.0!!! As the artists puts it. Vaporwave/experimental

End of Paradise by Reflections From Nowhere

The first ambient IDM of the day. I like it, the kick on End of Paradise 1 keeps this mysterious melody moving. I was excited to see where it was going and kind of wish the song was longer than 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

D E S P A R A D O by OK Oil Company

This is a first for me, cowboy vaporwave. It’s actually a concept I had in the back of mind but for american folk. It’s interesting to slowed country outlaw songs just wish more production of drums were mixed.

Den Land Südtriol die Treue by yournt_jam.wav

Apparently this album only uses samples from the album: “Dem Land Tirol die Treue”, which I’ve never heard. This remixed album kind of shows me it’s about accordions.

Time Is Laughing At Me by Astrophysics

atmospheric black metal and blackgaze, two new genres I had never heard of but this album totally feels that way. I love it. Plus that album art is beautiful.

Vish by Shmu

Only one song available to listen to but it’s very glitchy and well produced. The female vocals are really clean too. Cool experience, I wish I could listen to some more to tell you more. Snowflakes. Each purchase comes with a free CD, you gotta email the artist tho.


He’s a new artist in the scene and I wanted to give him a shoutout for those that use Soundcloud. He hasn’t made it over to bandcamp but go show him some support so he can finish his first album and surprise us all with his vaporwave! Good luck mate~

29+ new Vaporwave albums to introduce you to the scene 5

29+ new Vaporwave albums to introduce you to the scene 6

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