80s sci-fi like b-movie soundtrack + other releases

I’ve got a bit of a cold these past two days but that hasn’t stopped me from working on this mysterious 7 day signalwave project. I won’t say more other than, Azuresands大麻 has also released an interesting mysterious album on cassette today, so check that out below. Also if you’ve been collecting climatewave, today we got some on cassette. And finally, fans of Fire-Toolz will be happy to see their entire discography on various physical mediums.

Day Planner by Alternate Skies

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Climatewave artist Alternate Skies is back at it again with a limited edition of their album 5 Day Planner on cassette. The art look on this looks incredable, almost directly off early 2000s The Weather Channel. The mood gives off a darker more stormy week so stay tuned for the forecast of the week. Limited to 100 compies, shipping out at the end of November.

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Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) by Fire-Toolz

Yesterday Fire-Toolz released just about all their albums onto some kind of physical mediums, vinyls, cassettes, CDs, etc. Great day for the fans, see more on bandcamp.

Killer Nerds (Crystal Coyote II) by Azuresands大麻

“The first ever real-time dubbed edition of Killer Nerds: the second chapter in the Crystal Coyote saga. Random colored cassette includes 2 minutes of bonus material.”

This mysterious almost 80s sci-fi like b-movie soundtrack is now out in limited edition fo 10 cassettes. Reminds me of a mix of Stranger Things, Disney Halloween films and Vaporwave. There’s actually a lot of atmosphere in these tracks more than the album art will have you to believe. The first track, Endless Slummer, is a great introduction to the world you’ll be entering in with this release. Check it out as it’s probably the most unique out of the releases today.

News: P A T H S パス

This Friday, November 15th on NoProblemaTapes, P A T H S パス will be releasing ビジョンログ (Vision Log) returns for its 4th installment, G R O V E. This tape will also feature for the first time ever on tape, S K Y, the 3rd installment of the series. I’m not sure what all this means specifically but if you’re a fan of PATHS you’re probably excited about this cassette release.

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