A vaporwave cassette that’s smooth & classy but has a deep dark secret (and other news) – 5/3/2019

Future Funk and Vaporwave digital and Physical Release for 5/3/2019. New music from Phoenix #2772, super nintendo, ChaseChase, and more.

Weekly News

The weekly new episode is now out on youtube and podcasts, show notes here.

Physical Releases

Phoenix #2772 - You Are Already Dead.

Phoenix #2772 by You Are Already Dead. (cassette)

As creepy as this album is trying to be, it’s got a smooth easy to listen vaporwave feel. but when you see the album described with a American Psycho quote, I think we get why. Out now on limited run cassette.

As quoted in this weeks weekly news “smooth & classy but has a deep dark secret”

空気系 - Digital Memories

Digital Memories by 空気系 (cassette)

My favorite signalwave is at it again. What makes 空気系 stand out to me is the droning vaporwave in the background while Japanese announcers and commercials talk in the forefront. I love it, I don’t know what it’s talking about the it’s almost like the music is reacting to the voices.

Digital Releases

by super nintendo

This one caught me off guard, I was expecting chiptune video game sounds but damn we got some smooth tropical vaporwave.

Sentient Bleeding Mind Accelerator by ChaseChase

Vivarium Recordings actually reached out to me about this album. As you can see from my album art you’re in for an experimental ride. Future electronic sounds blast between tracks, with conversations and feel of being locked in a horror movie. Feels real b-movie horror, a genre I’m actually very fond of.

Notice something different in the title? I’m taking out the daily news because it doesn’t benefit the article title. The date does that already.

A vaporwave cassette that's smooth & classy but has a deep dark secret (and other news) - 5/3/2019 3

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