Accepting holiday signalwave comp submissions (closed)

Accepting holiday signalwave comp submissions (closed) 1

Musics the Hang Up is officially announcing a Holiday edition compilation for the the vaporwave sub-genre – Signalwave! Quick 30 second signal like commercial tracks to mallsoft to weather reports and more; we are open to anything.

We just want to build this radio wave feel of an album that takes you back to a past Christmas / Holiday every artist once had.


  • Christmas themed – the sense of past christmas eves’, the night we all want to end but are too excited to sleep, so stay awake anxiously listening to the radio. lost radio of christmas past.
  • Style:
    • Vapornoise
    • Signalwave
    • Brokentransmission
    • Weathersoft
  • Between 30 seconds and 10 minutes per track
  • Multiple entries allowed

Deadline: Dec 21st, 2019

Release: Chirstmas day on bandcamp and streamed on MTHU’s Youtube Channel

New to signalwave? Check out this great video by Pad Chennington to get you started. Just like vaporwave, the barrier of entry is low so why not submit a track.

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