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Ʋ Announces The Page Master by Vincent Remember

Exactly 5 years since the original release of this album Ʋ releases it out on vinyl. The first time it’s ever been in physical form mind you. This album was a huge hit in the early days of vaporwave even making it to the The Vaporwave Essentials Guide (ULTRA EDITION) on reddit.

Even putting out a decent interview with Vincent Remember for those who want to know more about him. That’s one of the many reasons I like Ʋ, so many times I find these physical releases and there’s no description about the album. Ʋ puts in the time and effort into making high quality vinyl releases, plus interviews, plus pre-ordering so everyone get can a copy. One of the best in our scene for sure.

Physical Releases

Updating as I see more releases

[H008] ᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟᴅ by boycalledcrow

[H008] ᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟᴅ by boycalledcrow (Limited Edition C17 Cassette [Pre-order])

Dreamy ambient with really good pad sounds. The album art reminds me of FEZ which I think this music would fit in perfect.

ghetto fantasy by Unibe@t

ghetto fantasy by Unibe@t (ghetto fantasy *Limited Edition Cassette*)

Limited to 30 cassettes a new release From UniBe@ts with his first time on Lucid Shores. It\’s a sweet album of dance tunes and hard hitting bass-drum.



Small run of only 20 cassettes. A good mix of ambient and ecoojams. The album description alone makes it an interesting release. Human Dolphins in this one.

Return To Yesterday Forever永遠に昨日に戻る by Flow Motionフローモーション

Return To Yesterday Forever永遠に昨日に戻る by Flow Motionフローモーション (Limited Edition Cassette plus Digital Download)

I almost feel like each one of these tracks could be the background music to a tv show or movie. Seeing how long they are. The first one is a western feel, the second song has this forest elf feel. Interesting combination of ambient tracks.

RETURN 2 FROM by DreamWorks

RETURN 2 FROM by DreamWorks (Limited Edition)

New Seikomartjapan release. Apparently this is an album dedicated to DreamWorks love. \”THIS ALBUM IS A RESULT OF MY LOVE TO YOU, ENJOY. \” I really liked the song Heaven. That voice mixed down like that sounds really cool.

Door To Darkness by crystalpep64

Door To Darkness by crystalpep64 (Limited Edition)

This is based on the kingdom hearts series. Containing samples and vocals from the games. Interesting concept sounds really dark.

'gone​.​' by LUCID SOUND DRIVER & Broken Machine Films presents...

‘gone​.​’ by LUCID SOUND DRIVER & Broken Machine Films presents… (‘gone’ collab cassette)

I think the creators say what this album is about best: Close friends hanging at a local bar. A few drinks. A few laughs. One abruptly disappears. Now missing. This is a story of the lost. The \’gone\’. Samples pulled from deceased person\’s answering machine tapes, busted VHS, wrecked vinyl, lost VHS-C and found sun-bleached cassettes from the residence.

Digital Releases

AtomWave Hits Vol. 1 by ATOM和夏娃

I like the concept behind this album. AtomWave. Playing off the vault-tec post end of world scenerio of everything stuck in a 1950s soundtrack.

Other Scene News

Æ2 also wanted me to plug their Windows96 release: “Also we’ll have a limited colour variant of the Windows96 ‘One Hundred Mornings’This translucent Gold Yellow pressing will have a run of 100 copiesOnly available through the Æ2 storeOnce the black repress gets announced on the Business Casual Bandcamp page (May 31st) these are going up”

Ʋ Announces Album of the Month & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News 5

Ʋ Announces Album of the Month & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News 6

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