Aloe City Records gets a DMCA

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Update on the album here:

It seems every few weeks someone has had enough with their experience with Tracking Waves and turns to social media to warn everyone not to buy from them. Countless members of the community eventually have enough of the silence from the label when months pass without receiving their cassettes they paid for. This time around people started complaining about not getting  their Updated Floral Experience by MACマイナス cassette, and ACR took it upon themselves to release the cassette on their label and fundraise enough money to give free copies away to those who lost their money from Tracking Waves scam. 

It was amazing to see a label step up and take control of the situation and help out those who just want their cassettes. The funding was going well but then all of a sudden, the label got an email from Bandcamp for a take down request. 

Tracking Waves would rather spend their time sending out DMCAs instead of just shipping their cassettes. It’s a sad state of the scene and it sucks people are getting suckered into their labels lies. I just want to add, thank Aloe City Records for being the bigger label. Everyone stay away from Tracking Waves. You’re just going to lose your money. I’ve lost out on two cassettes myself. I’ve learned my lesson. Let’s hope this is will help inform future fans.

Aloe City Records gets a DMCA 5
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Aloe City Records gets a DMCA 6

Aloe City Records gets a DMCA 7

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