Alternate Skies releases a VHS & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News

Alternate Skies releases a VHS & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News 1

Local Forecast Playback by Alternate Skies

Alternate Skies has announced an edition of 50 VHS for Local Forecast Playback: Sunny Breaks. A album he put out in 2018. Pretty awesome to see this get a VHS release and for an awesome price of only $9.99!

Goner by Sangam

Goner by Sangam (Limited Edition Cassette)

This was released early in the week but sold out on cassette too quick. So Hellscape Recordings announced today another set for sale. Grab this awesome purple ambient album if you can!

Stairway To Eden by creative_reality17

A1, A2, A3 & A4 are an absolute delight to listen to. For some reason this album doesn’t feel as repetitive. I think it is because there\’s more background noises and sounds that you don’t catch on every loop.

West Coast by Homeboy Sandman

A New single out by Homeboy Sandman. The flow was interesting to me an the lyrics are creative so wanted to share it.

Chinese Summer by Chrylo

New single from Chrylo on Topaze Club. Chinese summer, has a orient feel and a mix of future funk and lo-fi in some parts. Almost like if a MPC did future funk. The trumpet was a nice touch.

NEWセガサターン by バーチャルセガ国際

A 27 track album full of utopian virtual vaporwave. I know QTV was super excited about this release so give it a listen.

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