Ambient Punk Vol. I by PURE LIFE (Album Review)

Every once in a while the scene get’s a massive compilation album together that truely documents the trending artists in a genre. Either by showing off their best work or brining something new to the scene, it’s a joy to be part of. Today in the ambient world, we’ve been given the first volume in which PURE LIFE is calling, Ambient Punk Vol. 1.

With over 30 different ambient artists coming together for this double cassette release, ambient fans around the world have to be waking up from their chill state and adding a little extra excitement in their life.

So what did we get, well a lot of ambience and because I’m not the most proactive ambient fan in the scene, I thought this would be a great time to for me to really sit down, put on some headphones and chill out and really feel what this genre has to offer.

In this article, I’ll be talking about 3 songs from 3 different artist on this compilation as a review. As much as I’d love to review 31 different songs and how unique each on is, I’ll leave that up to you as a listener. These are just the ones that hit me.

CRYOSAUNA – Violet Teardrop 

This is the first one on this list as I think the drums on it are some of the most interest. It’s a really weird time signature (I believe) almost like a robot doing manual labor. Grabbing an item off the shelf, quickly moving the barcode to the scanner and putting it back. All in 4 steps with a rhythm only a machine could obtain. At least that’s how I can describe.

As for the ambience, it’s beautiful. Like life growing around an industrial complex, flowing in time, day by day but with a motivation that only nature could provide. As the song get’s to the end, the drums become more stable. The ambience become more hopeful and it ends with a bass line that says all things are right again. As if nature has over taken machinery and that manual labor robot that was once doing its best couldn’t hold on for nature had in store.

Seriously a 5/5 ambient song in my opinion. I love where this took my mind.

Percival Pembroke – Safe Haven 2

This review is more for those who played Runescape when they were a kid. Remember that first time finding about this game. Maybe it was RS Classic, RS2, RS3 or even RS 2 Classic? Yeah those were the days, exploring new lands, fighting monsters with the hope of richest. Something about that early internet kept mystery and exploration a live. We didn’t need guides, we didn’t care about an in game economy. We enjoyed castle wars, getting rune armor like it was best damn thing and obviously trying to get an in game girlfriend… yeah, who didn’t.

That description, that feeling of a lost childhood Runescape past, that’s what this song gives. A plunky synth that very close to what I imagine medieval instrumentation keeps this melody alive. If there is a bass line in this, it isn’t over powering the experience. Just like how those early RS days were, the simplicity in this song is what make sit charming.

4/5 If this is what is considered ambient, I want some more.

輕描淡寫 – 镜花

If you remember a while back, I was super into that album Restaurant by the Basin, an oriental vapor album that brought back a lot of memories of my time in China. So any time I see vapor music with Chinese, it draws me in. It’s no different with ambient as this slow, peaceful experience uses the oriental sound of flutes, guitars and wind/water to draw ancient mountains in my mind.

The artist name does translate to “mention casually”, or simply told. Which no better words could be used in an elegant way to describe this track. The ambience, the guitar and the flutes are beautiful but what really grabs me is the movement of wind and water. The sounds of rain dripping on mountain trees, the leaves that guide the drops to roots and the earth that rejoices with glee that it shall provide shelter another day.

5/5 for it’s simplicity and ability to draw in my minds eye a world I wish to visit. Anyone know who 輕描淡寫 is? I want more of his music.

Grab a Cassette

Ambient Punk Vol. I by PURE LIFE (Album Review) 5

So like I said, This has released with a limited edition “double rave” case which just means it contains two cassettes (It is 31 song and all). The cassette design looks to not be finished but it will be LED printed. I’m guessing using the same colors (pink and black) as the album art. Limited to 50. Currently at £18

Ambient Punk Vol. I by PURE LIFE (Album Review) 6

Ambient Punk Vol. I by PURE LIFE (Album Review) 7

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