Artist Spotlight: Skule Toyama + other Future Funk & Vaporwave news

Skule Toyama’s New Single

Wow Skule Toyama has surprised me and surpassed any expectations I had for his style of music. This is a perfect blend of Future Funk and Chillwave. The kind of music I already hear in the hip cafes in city I live in. The sample use and the upbeat tempo with a chill atmosphere is super refreshing, it doesn’t feel like it’s in my face but part of me. Hit’s my ears just right.

I listen to countless hours of new albums, digital releases, physical singles every day to be able to give some form of opinion on these daily news. Some days go by where I don’t find that one song that clicks. but…. Every once in a while a song really hits me, this one did.

EDIT: whaaaaaaaa. I thought this was released today, but its single. ahh well check out the album Toyama’s Love Island album while your at it. and… well I’m making this song an artist spotlight for todays news. It’s that good. He posted the song today, that’s how I got confused.

Physical Releases

Goner by Sangam

Goner by Sangam (Limited Edition Cassette)

It’s ambient, dark ambient. Night Light Tape left a review “If only we could sign Sangam on an album with us. ;)” which makes me think there’s more to this album that i’m seeing. It’s a repress from 2018, so if you missed it the first time here’s your chance.

Shallow Earth [Party Mix] -IP CASSETTE EXCLUSIVE- by MILIEU


looking for a late night ambient party mix? Look no further than this classy album on cassette.

Just Doom by §E▲ ▓F D▓G§

Just Doom by §E▲ ▓F D▓G§ (Limited Edition Cassette)

Undoing is a great introduction to the album. Starts off simple but gets into this really cool harsh upbeat mix with harsh chips and blips. Just Doom for sure.

Roseé Target by c o d e x صبي encyclopedia

Roseé Target by c o d e x صبي encyclopedia (limited SPLIT CASSETTE: 2 albums, 1 tape!)

This cassette contains two albums by c o d e x صبي encyclopedia. First his new album Roseé Target and then his more popular permafried. What\’s cool is even the j-card reverses to fit which side you like better, i guess.

Digital Releases

Be Mentally Free by creative_reality17

Last time was Shanghai, now we are seaside living to be mentally free.

Practice What You Preach by creative_reality17

And if being Mentally Free isn\’t hard enough, you gotta make sure you practice what you preach. I\’m starting to see a plot line here with Creative_reality17.

Artist Spotlight: Skule Toyama + other Future Funk & Vaporwave news 3

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