‘book of aesthetics’ now for purchase

'book of aesthetics' now for purchase 5

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on an art piece book that brings the ideas of vaporware and the commercials of signalwave into one fully colored book.

The books consists of 98 pages, full of commercials from the years 1980 to 2001 each telling a different story. Always in the same order, but in single frames, a picture is worth 1000 words. The book is broken up into 4 sections: Weather, Daily Tv, Car commercials, and product commercials.

I’ve made 15 of these myself for the patron supporters but now it’s available for purchase for anyone who wants to support musics the hang up, own a part of vaporwave and add to their physical collection.

Hey My Future Friends, This is KITE0080 From Musics the Hang Up…
I am so grateful to have the support of each and
every one of you on Patreon. It has allowed me to create projects like this book and so much more. It’s been an amazing first year
with MTHU, making just under 100 videos, posting about 900 artists projects and mak- ing friends along the way. I know with my heart I couldn’t have done it alone, so thank you.
I hope everyone has a great holiday. I hope this book can be part of that holiday
cheer. Thanks everyone, I love you all and here’s to another year.
– KITE0080

'book of aesthetics' now for purchase 6

'book of aesthetics' now for purchase 7

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