Business Development by c a l d o r 32x (album review)

Business Development by c a l d o r 32x (album review) 5

Picture this. It’s Friday morning. You are dressed in your classic business casual attire. You have one presentation today and it is a doozy. It is the only thing standing between you and coasting until 5 o’clock. Stepping into the conference room, you take your place in front of the projection screen as everyone else begins to follow in. At the start time, you hand out packets and begin to talk. A few minutes in, it hits you. You are owning the room. Your boss gives you a thumbs up and you destroy the rest of the presentation. Heads nodding, graphs explained, applause at the end. This is the feeling you get listening to “s u c c e s s”, the first track of the album Business Development by c a l d o r 32x

Released on February 12th, 2020 on DMT Tapes FL, Business Development tells the tale of the typical day at an office in the mid 1990s. Reverb soaked drums echo around easy listening style saxophones and keys, placing you in the middle of cubicles with old Gateway monitors and novelty coffee cups. Each of the 9 main tracks and tenth hidden one tells a specific tale of what is going on that day. Tracks two and three follow the upbeat nature of the opening track, describing the feelings of working full time while being underpaid (f u l l t i m e e q u i v a l e n t) and the melencoloy of having your business acquired by a larger company (a c q u i s i t i o n).  The rest of the tracks follow suit, each one highlighting a specific feel of an employee. 

There are a couple of standout tracks to me on this release. Track 4 “h i g h i n t h e m e e t i n g” gives you the feeling of being on an illicit substance while listening to someone talk. The choppy keys disorient you as you try to focus on what’s being said. “w o r k i n g l a t e” gives off this atmospheric vibe of being alone in your office, working on something after everyone else has left, and only a few lights needed by the janitor still on. It feels cozy and gives you the feeling that this late night of work will pay off. However, the music of track 7 “w h a t a m i d o i n g h e r e” best gives off what the title says. A slightly distorted electric piano plays as you begin to wonder why you are working this job. Are the benefits work in? Are you stuck in the path of college-cubicle job-retire in Florida? The sadness and realization of this track makes you feel for this character.

Overall, Business Development by c a l d o r 32x is a great listen and a wonderful addition to the DMT Tapes family. The nostalgia and environmental feeling isn’t overwhelming, and c a l d o r 32x does a great job with their production. If you’re looking for a trip back in time to a place you never worked at, I highly recommend this release.

Thanks dutchover718 for reviewing this album! MTHU is always looking for new people to write album reviews or thoughts about the vaporwave scene. Feel free to contact me on twitter if you have a cool thought!

Business Development by c a l d o r 32x (album review) 6

Business Development by c a l d o r 32x (album review) 7

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