Canadian Music Fest ‘AESSENTIAL’ announces line up

This year in March, AESSENTIAL threw one of the biggest North American Future Funk parties in history and they are back at it again for 2020 with the biggest line up to date.

The Toronto based dance party announced the artist line up today with some of the biggest names in the scene with MACROSS 82-99, DESIRED, Vantage, FIBRE, EV.EXI, Pad Chennington, Mélonade, Strawberry Station and 30 other artists in total. Also announcing the fest will be a 3 day event start April 23-25, 2020.

Canadian Music Fest 'AESSENTIAL' announces line up 1

Interestingly enough, they are also decided to call this a “celebration of all thing dance” with lesser in our scene artist representing EDM. and I love this line, “Artists like these have spent years performing URL – it’s time to see them IRL.” Here’s the full quote:

On March 23, 2019, we threw Toronto’s first full-scale, multi-artist, ultra-magical Future Funk dance party. We called it “AESSENTIAL”. This year, we’re doing it again – and bigger.​​

AESSENTIAL 2020 is a three-day long Toronto music festival, celebrating Internet-grown and underground genres: think Future Funk, Vaporwave, Electronica. Our mission is to promote and grow the developing DIY internet music scene. (And also host banging dance parties.)

If AESSENTIAL 2019 started as purely Future Funk, AESSENTIAL 2020 expands to a celebration of all things dance: featuring not only Future Funk powerhouses like Macross 82-99 and Desired, but also EDM experimentalists like KaTT and Sixtroke. Artists like these have spent years performing URL – it’s time to see them IRL.

Artist Pass give away

Canadian Music Fest 'AESSENTIAL' announces line up 2

Earlier in the month on reddit they announced an “Artist Pass Promotion” which i guess is just a special even pass for anyone who uploads music to their email, they’re giving away 50 free passes to the event. So if you’re an artist you’ll want to check that out.

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