Black Friday Sales already starting + other releases

Wow, it’s already that time of the year where Black Friday Deals are starting before Black Friday even exists. Anything to save a dollar eh? As I see them, I’ll add them to this post and various until “Holy” day so stay tuned. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Under Your Window / Out of the Blue by George Clanton & Nick Hexum

The famous collab that George Clanton had the opportunity for experience with 311’s Nick Hexum can now be yours with this preorder. The 2 tracks Under Your Window & Out of The Blue are available on a baby blue 7″ inch for 10 USD. As of posting this, there are 70/500 remaining.

この世界で生きている by ✔✔✔

Who comes up with names? ✔✔✔ is the latest addition to that classic late night hotel lobby feeling in vaporwave. The first track, PRISM CORP PALACE (おかえりなさい) , has a great arrangement and interesting use of sampling. I believe at time it uses the same core notes in repeation to hold certain notes longer. I liked that. Plus the change up around the one minute mark was a nice jazz feel. Then we get into like.. a familiar video game theme, Mario? Zelda? Pokemon? One of those I have a feeling. The whole song is a 10 minute adventure, check it out for yourself.

News: Wave Racers Collective

Hey all. Wave Racers Collective is having a Black Friday Sale! All cassettes are 50% off making them 5 dollars each! Check it out at

Wave Racers Collective

Wave Racers Collective is having Black Friday Sale from November 25th to December 2nd with all cassettes at 50% off.

Black Friday Sales already starting + other releases 5

from Flamingosis

Is this the first vapor frisbee? but why is that price @ 100 EUR… “rare”

News: Infinity Frequencies

COMPUTER TRILOGY Box Set Available December 1st @

Infinity Frequencies

That’s about all the info I have at the moment. but we saw earlier last month a couple of big box sets sell out instantly so keep this on in the back of your mind. Or sign up for our emailing list to get a reminder closer to the date.

News: BLCR Laboratories big Black Friday Sale

As you might have noticed we are holding a Black Friday sale. Use code ‘blk’ site wide for 30% off on
with the sale come limited stock of tapes and cds from labels we have worked with in the past that have been sitting in storage.

Internet label BLCR Labs is out with a massic cleanout sale for Black Friday. This specific bandcamp page has 17 different cassette on a single bandcamp page. I’ve never seen that before. Check out a their sound, it’s a little outside the vapor scene so you’ll be discovering some new sounds here.

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Black Friday Sales already starting + other releases 6

Black Friday Sales already starting + other releases 7

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