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Takeout with George Clanton 8

Takeout with George Clanton

Friday night and I accidentally found this 4 year old set of George playing live. Scrolling through the comments I see this Q-t: This is the content you come here for right?

Interview: 🌴1am バイブBlunts 10

Interview: 🌴1am バイブBlunts

(This was originally available in Visual Signals Issue 1, released in September 2020.) JW: What lead to you making dark ambient/ambient/Vaporwave? 1amblunts: Creating, expressing, feeling, the culmination of ourselves is part of the experience....

永远寻爱人 14


可说是一种衍生自亲人之间的强烈关爱、忠诚及善意的情感与心理状态,如母爱。亦可为衍生自性欲与情感上的吸引力,例如情人之间的情爱与温柔。此外,亦可能为衍生自尊敬与钦佩之情,例如朋友之间彼此重视与欣赏。同时,爱被认为一种神奇的力量。爱,也可以是一个人的事。 心碎(英語:broken heart)是对一个人對於於某樣人、事、物有极大渴望卻求之不得,或是失去寶貴的人、事、物,在此之下感受到强烈情感(有时是身体的)压力或痛苦的隐喻。这个概念是跨文化的,经常被人用于指失恋,至少可以追溯到3000年前。严重的情感伤痛可导致“心碎综合征”,包括对心脏的伤害。 爱最佳的定义可能是主动行动,以真心对待某个生命体或物体(可以是人、动物 、物品、神明),使其整体得到快乐。简而言之,爱即主动使整体得到快乐。 虽然世界各民族间的文化差异使得一个普世的爱的定义难以道明,但并非不可能成立(沙皮亚-沃尔福假设)。爱可以包括灵魂或心灵上的爱、对法律与组织的爱、对自己的爱、对食物的爱、对金钱的爱、对学习的爱、对权力的爱、对名誉的爱、对他人的爱等,数之不尽。为什么我没有爱人。爱人在哪?永远寻爱人。。。 山野 · 夏小虎

パソコン音楽クラブ- reiji no machi 16

パソコン音楽クラブ- reiji no machi

There’s something special in finding a great song that takes your breath away because of the music video. The track reiji no machi by パソコン音楽クラブ from their second album 『Night Flow』recently gave me one...

Tsukemono Breakfast 22

Tsukemono Breakfast

In 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Japan with Sparkly Night, ADRIANWAVE & クリスタルKITSUNE. We all met up as they were invited to play Future Funk in Tokyo for the PITCH SHIFTER concert....

Tatsuro Yamashita – Melodies 24

Tatsuro Yamashita – Melodies

City pop (シティーポップ) legend Tatsuro Yamashita releases album Melodies on Moon Records on this month (June) in 1983. This jazzy, funk and soul pop Japanese album comprised of 10 tracks with the track Marry-go-Round...

Fan Collection - Q 26

Fan Collection – Q

Vaporwave has found its ability to thrive in the digital world by allowing anyone to release music on any format. We’ve seen cassettes pop off since day one of the genre as Macintosh Plus’...

The Relevance of Liminal Space 28

The Relevance of Liminal Space

Over the past few months, phrases like “Liminal Space” and “Places that feel oddly familiar and uncomfortable” has made its rounds over the internet. From subreddits to gimmick accounts on Twitter, Liminal Spaces has...