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80s sci-fi like b-movie soundtrack + other releases

I’ve got a bit of a cold these past two days but that hasn’t stopped me from working on this mysterious 7 day signalwave project. I won’t say more other than, Azuresands大麻 has also released an interesting mysterious album on cassette today, so check that out below. Also if you’ve been collecting climatewave, today we […]

When the vapor is just too strong

Some days I am just the luckiest guy in vapor. I listen to so much new vaporwave albums every day for these daily releases and some times it feels more like machine work than a connection. Today is one of those outstanding days where every track I heard brought nostalgic please to my ears. So […]

24 Hour Forecast by Alternate Skies (Album Review) – vinyl Pre-order

Our beloved climatewave artist Alternate Skies has released his album 24 Hour Forecast on vinyl for pre-order this week. I thought it would be a perfect time to finally review one of their albums, so why not start with this one to celebrate the vinyl release. For those not familiar with the climatewave / weathersoft […]

Citypop become vapornoise with Emerld + other releases

You know just when I think future funk has done it all to the beloved citypop track Plastic Love, a vaporwave artist takes it and reinvents what it means to sample. Check out that track and more below in today’s releases. Did I miss an album released today? Hit me up on twitter or instagram […]

VA:10 – A Vaporwave Anniversary Cassette box announced!

Today we had our first look at the cassette box set for the VA:10’s Vaporwave Anniversary project. They’ve teamed up with My Pet Flamingo to release this super high quality looking box which will house a (currently) unknown amount of cassettes. Release date unknown. For those who are not familiar with the VA:10 Vaporwave Anniversary […]

Daily Releases – Phil Collins feels vaporwave

Another day full of vapor, house and experimental music releases. There’s some new sounds in here actually like this murder mystery album by Kid Mania, real gem. We even saw seasons from Wizard of Loneliness get a MiniDisc release. Which is cool considering the vinyl is QRATE at the moment for funding. Check out the […]

Relive France 1998 World Cup + other releases

Today we’ve got a couple of awesome releases. First a vaporhop beats album from Wizard of Loneliness now up on QRATES. A soccer / futbol based vapor album, which I think is the first time someone in the vaporwave scene touches that sport. A breakfast for the richest business man on cassette and more. Did […]

Start off the last November of the 2010s with vinyl and cassette

Meta New sticker out on the shop for November. This one will go out of stock at the end of the month. This time we got a sweet KITE0080 Vaporwave design, I made myself. Looks super modern to me as it uses the MTHU font and colors seen in the branding. Can’t wait to get […]

29 Spooky Vaporwave Albums to listen to on Halloween

It’s finally halloween and if you’re anything like me this is your favorite holiday of the year. The spooks, the ghouls, the crisp weather and most of all, all the people dressing up for freights. Actually every year for my I look forward to seeing what AVGN puts on for halloween. It seems he might […]

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