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Ultimate Guide to Vaporwave Clothing / Shops

Outside of music and the deep faux message about capitalism there’s a truly unique aesthetic behind Vaporwave. A lot of artists, labels and brands cater to this design so here’s a list of Vaporwave clothing / shops I found that I am happy to support. If you want to add your shop to the list […]

24 Hour Forecast by Alternate Skies (Album Review) – vinyl Pre-order

Our beloved climatewave artist Alternate Skies has released his album 24 Hour Forecast on vinyl for pre-order this week. I thought it would be a perfect time to finally review one of their albums, so why not start with this one to celebrate the vinyl release. For those not familiar with the climatewave / weathersoft […]

VA:10 – A Vaporwave Anniversary Cassette box announced!

Today we had our first look at the cassette box set for the VA:10’s Vaporwave Anniversary project. They’ve teamed up with My Pet Flamingo to release this super high quality looking box which will house a (currently) unknown amount of cassettes. Release date unknown. For those who are not familiar with the VA:10 Vaporwave Anniversary […]

29 Spooky Vaporwave Albums to listen to on Halloween

It’s finally halloween and if you’re anything like me this is your favorite holiday of the year. The spooks, the ghouls, the crisp weather and most of all, all the people dressing up for freights. Actually every year for my I look forward to seeing what AVGN puts on for halloween. It seems he might […]

Is 天気予報 hinting to the end of his signalwave project?

Meta News Yesterday I did an experiment with my Twitter account. I uploaded 27 “59 second clips” of every released vapor related album over the past 48 hours… (that’s a lot of numbers in a sentence). What I saw was… well most videos only received 30-40 views. Instagram had even less for the same content. […]

AUDIO_TS by WTF.FM (Album Review)

Today, I want to give a spotlight to lesser known vaporwave artists or an album that might have been forgotten since the early stages of vaporwave.  WTF.FM, a Russian based vaporwave artist who’s been releasing music in the scene since early 2013 and still to this day providing vapor jams for our delighted consumption.  Releasing […]

Zer0 れい – Hellveterra Album Review (Guest Post)

Today we have a special guest on the site, Z.E.R.O… writing about Zer0 れい’s Hellveterra. Two different people btw. Hope you enjoy this review~ Hiraeth Records, 猫シCorp‘s label, released it’s two first albums surrounding the world of 猫シCorp and his old project 地球 (EarthEarth), so when HR003 was announced, everyone was asking about who was […]

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