Citypop become vapornoise with Emerld + other releases

You know just when I think future funk has done it all to the beloved citypop track Plastic Love, a vaporwave artist takes it and reinvents what it means to sample. Check out that track and more below in today’s releases. Did I miss an album released today? Hit me up on twitter or instagram and let me know. 

virtual metropolis by vcr-classique & VHS Jazz

It’s always a treat when vcr-classique releases an album. There’s something very concrete about their aesthetic that sets a certain mood before going into the album. In this album art we get a pre 911 New York City with a bridge in the foreground that tells us tonight the city is magical. Tonight is a lte ninght metropolis.

This is a split of 15 tracks. The. first 9 from vcr-classique and the last 6 with VHS Jazz. This is my first time listening to a VHS Jazz album so it was interesting to see how these two artists compare and contrast. Actually to be honest I wasn’t exactly able to tell a difference between the two but I think that’s perfect for split of this kind. Just perfect late night lo-fi.

Tonight, you are going to experience a magical lo-fi journey in the late night metropolis. 
Take a walk along the waterside and admire an urban skyline strewn with the skyscrapers lights… 
Have a romantic trip down the central park, inhaling the aroma of coffee, feeling the scent of the late night… 
Find yourself in the downtown of a big city, among the luminous windows of luxurious boutiques and restaurants. 
Feel the wind blowing away all things from your mind and filling you with romantic melancholy. 
You are not here anymore, you are nowhere… enjoy the atmosphere of the virtual metropolis. 
Brought to you by vcr-classique & VHS Jazz

Check it out on bandcamp.

Wander by Temporal孤独

Geometric Lullaby has released a new album and cassette by artist Temporal孤独. Not only does this classic vapor album come out on a beautifully printed cassette the bandcamp album description has a massively long poem to go along with it. 10 differennt small american haikus (maybe) which I think is a great addition to this album. I don’t think Poetry is explore enough in vaporwave. My favorite is the Timeless, both track and poem. Listen/read on Bandcamp and don’t forget to check out the cassette.

False Love by Emerld

This is 26 minute mix of various vapornoise all out of the beloved Citypop track Plastic Love. I love this idea (no pun intended) because what better way to destroy a song that’s been beaten to death than giving it to an experimental vapornoise artist.

This actually made me think, vapornoise at it root might be the purest form of vaporwave. Taking something commercial, something beloved, maybe even something no one has ever heard of and completely dissolving it of its noticeable form. Twisting, screwing, chopping and almost ruining in some cases the pure foundation of what music really is. And when you take the ideals of anonymity of original artistry of this scene, you get this mysterious attraction of wanting more. Can music become any more anonymous than what is heard in vapornoise? If Emerld, in this case, never told us this was Plastic Love would we have known? I’m some instances sure but would anyone (myself including) have listened? This is truly false love. Listen on bandcamp

Weathersoft Vinyl Released

24 Hour Forecast by Alternate Skies did come out today on vinyl, i just haven’t listened to it yet. but don’t miss it if you’re into weathersoft. Added this from my phone, sorry for the weird formatting.

Citypop become vapornoise with Emerld + other releases 5

Citypop become vapornoise with Emerld + other releases 6

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