collect some b o d y l i n e cassettes + other releases

b o d y l i n e has released two cassette of classic vaporwave that gives off the vibes of hotel lobbies or waiting around in airports. In the digital releases, we have Future Funk king Mr. Wax releasing on a new label. Darker vaporwave. and so many genres in one album it might confuse some. Anyone of these releases grab your attention? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

collect some b o d y l i n e cassettes + other releases 1

FRAMEWORK by b o d y l i n e (Limited Edition Cassette Tape)

Classic sound of early vaporwave with a strong lounge vibe. Music to be listen to while waiting in a hotel lobby while the maids finish cleaning your room.

collect some b o d y l i n e cassettes + other releases 2

LIGHT DESIGN by b o d y l i n e (Limited Edition Cassette Tape)

The second cassette released today by b o d y l i n e. To be honest, I’m getting the same vibes as the first one. Except maybe this one should be listened to in the VIP section of an airport while you eat decent food with all the membership points you’ve collected thanks to being in the mile high club.

Digital Releases

音楽の薬 (Music Medicine) by Mr. Wax

Excited to see this album get on to First Class Collective. After first reviewing the album when it was self released by Mr Wax, I was wondering how long until we’d see a cassette release. Looks like we have to wait a few more weeks until that but check out this amazing new album and totally check out his track $3ΔPUИK Ⅱ.


“The large garden is a little more than Bikup Nickelback this coming winter with young people. Never take a joke too seriously. Know-it-alls not allowed in this area.” I’m not exactly sure what this means… The album over all is full of darker ambient vapor. Deeper vocals, longer sample holds and percussion that blends.

par·ox·ysm by Campcerous

Quite an array of different sounnds on this album. From lo-fi beat to glitch, vapor, ambient and more. I guess there’s a taste for everyone on this one.

Scene News

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