Daily News: Seikomartjapan is re-pressing a cassette? What!!! – 5/2/2019

Physical Releases

Cologne Terminal - Wall

Cologne Terminal – Wall (cassette)

Originally released last Saturday, I forgot to add the announcement to the daily news. Luckily for everyone the cassette did not sell out yet.

PJS - Solstice Birth Magic ()

PJS – Solstice Birth Magic (cassette)

surprised this hasn’t sold out yet but it’s solid experimental ambient. That I’ve been putting on in the background while I’m at work lately.

Digital Release

Cityman 900 – Consumer History X (single)

Cityman 900 announced earlier last month a new album is coming out. The first single / track on this album has been released today titled, “Consumer History X”. It’s got a strong megaman chiptune feel to it, i’d be interested in seeing where album goes.

Twitter News

Oh btw, did you know we interviewed Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night recently? link to video interview.

desert sand feels warm at night – バビロンの空中庭園 上/Re-issue バビロンの空中庭園 下

Two of his albums are getting released on cassette by Seikomartjapan. This is strange for me because we are seeing our first re-issue from Seikomart. I’ll have to reach out to them to see why they changed their ideas on single runs.

Look for it next Thursday. Until then listen to his music here:

C H L ♢ R I N Ξ __ D R Ξ Λ M S ░ DX ░
by Neon95

Sounds like ChlorineDreamsDX is coming to some physical medium (Vinyl/cassette… maybe both?) Here’s the sound for this album until the announcement.

Daily News: Seikomartjapan is re-pressing a cassette? What!!! - 5/2/2019 3

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