Daily News: Valyri, Wiccapedia, Mitch Porsche and more – 4/19/2109

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Physical Releases

valyri - Horizon's Fade

valyri – Horizon’s Fade (cassette)

“Horizon’s fade” Limited Edition Cassette. Vaporwave / ambient music. Read more…

空手王 - 青少年の墓 [Tomb of Youth] Anniversary Edition

空手王 – 青少年の墓 [Tomb of Youth] Anniversary Edition

2 Tape Pack: 青少年の墓 [Tomb of Youth] ANNIVERSARY EDITION Cassette & 1 Other Cassette of Your Choice [Save 7€] read more…

ウィッカペディア by Wiccapedia

Wiccapedia – ウィッカペディア (Cassette & Mini CD)

“Out tomorrow!! Our Reissue by Wiccapedia will be up on our bandcamp TOMORROW (Friday) at NOON (PST) on Mini CD and Cassette” read more…

Mitch Porsche - Far Reach cassette

Mitch Porsche – Far Reach (cassette)

“The cassettes for Far Reach by Mitch Porsche will be releasing on Friday the 19th of April at 8PM GMT.” read more…

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