Daily Releases – Phil Collins feels vaporwave

Another day full of vapor, house and experimental music releases. There’s some new sounds in here actually like this murder mystery album by Kid Mania, real gem. We even saw seasons from Wizard of Loneliness get a MiniDisc release. Which is cool considering the vinyl is QRATE at the moment for funding. Check out the rest of the releases below; Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Raw Aura by DJ Windows 7

I really like that there is a pure lo-fi house artist out there named DJ Windows 7. It really kind of solidifies for me that Vaporwave and House music are not that far removed. I know it’s just a name but it’s a product of the same themes. What can I say other than this previously unreleased track hits all marks for me inn a house track. We even get a slow down hip-hop dialog mixed in, I love it. Listen on Bandcamp.


“Another day, another murder, Business as usual, At the circus they call Terra”

What an interest album seriously, it’s like… take classic 50 themes the instrumentation but turn it at an odd angle and have it push on the paranoia nerve. Seriously listen to the first track, Whatchamacallit, and tell me it doesn’t you look over your shoulder.

The second track has a clip from The Wire, a tv show I’m oddly rewatching again for like the 50th time. But this takes the context of “how can you never fuck up once” into a creepy stalking undertone. Listen on Bandcamp.

Dimension Of Imagination (彼女のために)by Skelle違う

The vocals on track 2, forest finn (美人), are actually pretty haunting and well mixed (those ear echos are sweet) in a way that doesn’t feel off for vaporwave. I think the pitch and tone on the track are perfect and then when it doubles down on the tempo and goes vapor, you get a darker sadder moment with the singer. Things just keep getting worse for him and there’s not way to express it other than letting it. Listen on Bandcamp

Reincarnation by D. J. Ayur

For once, I’m listening to an ambient album and feeling connected to it. I think it’s because it sounds very similar to the meditation music I use. It’s on Seikomart and I’ve listened to D. J. Ayur before. Glad to see he’s releasing an album on such a big label. Listen on Bandcamp.

DATE SIM by Dooby Douglas

You gotta be kidding me, I was totally thinking the drum line and something about the intro in the song I CAN FEEL IT was Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight and then Phil Collins voice comes in. That was surreal.

I was really digging that album art, the girl looks great the PC design in the background hit my vapor feels but then the music just completely captured me. There’s only a few cassettes left so act quick~

Also listen to the song HENTAI PRINCE for a little future funk remix surprise.

Side note: I think Global Pattern should spend more time on their side of the J-card. It’s like this massive out of place “GLOBAL PATTERN” text. I get advertising the brand / label but clean it up a little. Stylize it. It ruins the rest of aesthetic for me.

Listen on Bandcamp

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