Demuja debut EP on Shall Not Fade + other releases

Physical Releases

Demuja debut EP on Shall Not Fade + other releases 1

For Those Who EP by Demuja (For Those Who EP 12″)

My favorite house artist, Demuja, just released his debut album with Shall Not Fade with a wonderful 5 track EP on wax. The vinyl is actually cheaper than I was expecting and exciting to see him getting more credit for his musical talent. I really enjoyed the minimal vocal sample and repeated melody in the song “Jito”.

Demuja debut EP on Shall Not Fade + other releases 2

Special Party in Space ゙サヂなゖ新 by Saynoz (First Edition Cassette)

When the intro (Have Fun Motherfvcker (INTRO) ) is a banger you know an album is special. Plus look at that album art straight 70s scifi party life. This is a beautiful release, and it’s on cassette! “Double Level!” is my favorite track.

Demuja debut EP on Shall Not Fade + other releases 3

oDDling – Phosphenes (Limited Edition Cassette) by oDDling (Limited Edition Cassette)

I don’t often hear a lot of synth wave getting on cassette. I probably just don’t follow that scene to well but maybe I should. He’s an album that not only sounds amazing (listen to Collimate) but now has a cassette out. limited to 50.

Demuja debut EP on Shall Not Fade + other releases 4

Dance Trax Vol​.​22 by DJ Boneyard (DJ Boneyard – Dance Trax Vol.22)

DJ Boneyard debut.. is this a type of idm style? I guess dance album. Coming from Australia you can own 4 “club bombs” on vinyl now.

Demuja debut EP on Shall Not Fade + other releases 5

PINK LADY KAKUTERU by Echo Beach (limited CLUB SODA edition cassette)

I remember a couple of months when a version of this was released on cassette and I really enjoyed it. I’m happy to see it show up on my feed again to listen to the track. From the looks of it this is the 4th edition of cassettes, this time a small run 20 with only 9 remaining. Album art looks like it should be future funk but it’s more traditional vaporwave.

Digital Releases

Marble Beach by FOTOshoppeツ

I feel like FOTOshoppeツ releases full albums more often than any vapor artist I know. I don’t know how he has the time. If only I had the time to listen to it all. ジャングル入り江 is pretty tropical in sound.

Music for Minecraft // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​741 by Saros-FM

I was originally going to skip talking about this album but then I started to listen to the track, “The Underground” and am I blown away. I thought this was going to be low effort but the soundscapes and layering is really well crafted. Then “Morning Sun” came on… these tracks literally feel like they should be from Minecraft.

Living Without You by 香港快運2083

Thanks to the album art and the aesthetic set by 香港快運2083 when I listen to their music I always get creepy imagery. I wonder if I would think that if the album art was something like flowers lol. The blasting of crowds at the 4 minute mark did make me jump with my head phones tho.

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