desert sand feels warm at night and Virtual Reality Deluxe collab & other future funk and vaporwave news

desert sand feels warm at night and Virtual Reality Deluxe collab

When we interviewed DSFWAN he mentioned a big collaboration project with a fellow ambient artist and now we know what it is. Welcome the new album Midnight Mansions. Obviously with how big their fan base is when they only announced 25 cassettes in total for this release it was obvious they were going to sell out quick. And they did.

Well you can still get album digitally and lets all cross our fingers Global Patterns will do a second run. Congrats the two of you for releasing this album.

Physical Releases

宇宙の熱帯雨林 / 彼女の頭は雲の中にある by World Switcher

宇宙の熱帯雨林 / 彼女の頭は雲の中にある by World Switcher (~ cassette tape ~)

An edition of 25 cassettes released for this ambient album. Global Pattern actually has 2 other cassettes out today.

夢を見続ける by 夢のチャンネル

夢を見続ける by 夢のチャンネル (~ cassette tape ~)

an edition of 25 cassettes. Another ambient release this is a little more atmospheric and dreamy. Something to relax to.

Digital Releases

彼女のEyes by Z.E.R.O

Z.E.R.O first electro funk single has been released today. 2:33 seconds of pure electro funk that\’ll automatically make you start bopping your head. Can\’t wait until the album.

M ¡ D N ¡ G H T ★ M A G ¡ C by Neon95

We had a few singles announced for this album and here it finally is. Rise n\’ shine is a bangger a love the chill vibes and that main synth.

Make me feel special. by kid with benefits

I wonder if this is a creative_reality17 album. hmmmmmm.

Invitation To The Voyage by Setsuko Suwa

This album art will give you those 3rd eye vibes. It\’s actually a really peaceful ambient album. \”The endless ocean before her and all she could think about were the sails, her trembling hands carried songs of the winds.\”

Twitter News

Uncle Squiddz announced that his album Cheap Foods will be on SIC RECORDS in both cassette and vinyl form. Expect the release May 31st 2019.

Sparkly Night announces that his album Flavours will be released on Seikomartjapan on the 30th / 31st of May. Most likekly around 10:00pm EST as that seems to be the normal release hours.

For anyone that still hasn’t gotten the cassette of To you baby, with love by TUPPERWAVE. It’s still up for pre-order. Looks like this is literally the final run and last time to ever get it.

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