Did Fat Man Miami just change vaporwave forever? & other news

Daily News for Future Funk and Vaporwave on the wonderful Monday of 5/13/2019. Hope work goes well, your drive home is easy and you get to listen to these physical and digital releases.


Did Fat Man Miami just change vaporwave forever? & other news 7

As some of you might know, I’ve been working with MiddleClassComfort on a “History of Business Casual” to celebrate their 6 year Anniversary this month. The video is almost ready to go and will go live on youtube Tuesday Morning of this week (tomorrow). So subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Physical Releases

Eightfold Path Traveler by Wizard of Loneliness

Eightfold Path Traveler by Wizard of Loneliness

I’m starting to notice a lot of labels are putting “vaporwave” and subgenres on their releases when the music really isn’t. Which suck because this is a really good chill original sounding hip-hop / beat album. Almost feels like it could be a soundtrack to a geographic doc.

Digital Releases

Crowded Lodge // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​704 by The Turlington Anarchists

It’s a little louder than I’m used to in my experimental environment, I’m getting some repetitive elements from Vaporwave and maybe mallsoft. It’s interesting.

Paradise Lost by Fat Man Miami

SeikomartJapan described this release as “Paradise Lost is an experience in music that has never been fully achieved before.” So I was interested but a tad skeptical.

But you know what I have to agree, I think what works so well for this album is there’s a good amount of vaporwave feels but the mixing and drums are just out of this world quality. I love this head space feel you get out of the song Treetops.

If I didn’t already have a headline for this daily, this would be the album I’d be promoting today. I think it might make it on the weekly news.

Seriously this album is too good, I think this might be a new sound for vaporwave. I’ve never heard anything like this before.

I Too Shall Be Saved By Love

Ok, Tear Me up has lyrics. Is that Terna Jays voice? Next song some female reversed voice… ok next song, omg the same male voice. I’m so used to hearing sampled music and ambient vapor I couldn’t believe Sunset Grid released an actual original sounded album. I love it. His voice is perfect, the album art is perfect, the title even better, I think I found a new indie artist to follow.

I suppose this is more soulwave or vapor 2. I think it needs a physical release. it’s too good.

Mysteries Of Love (Single) by VAPOR GHOUL

Not every day do we get a music video for a vaporwave single. Straight off a new label Dictaphone Diaries we are presented with a creepy laugh and creature in the background while a peaceful bird sing to keep us sane. It’s an interesting mixture of sounds and lo-fi enough that actually made me listen to the song multiple times to see what other mysterious sounds I could here. The single can be found on bandcamp as well.

Scene News

It’s Bluescreen’s Birthday, so go follow him (her?) on Twitter and listen to his awesome music below:

Happy Birthday mate. Hope you get a quarter to play an arcade game and enjoy the day~

Did Fat Man Miami just change vaporwave forever? & other news 8

Aloe City Records has informed us of another delay on the Haircuts For Men 7”. Expected June 19th, 2019 for anyone who bought it.

Another email went out orders should still ship around 7th of June, tweet about it.

Update: I think last week I removed “daily news” from the title of the articles. This week I’m removing the dates too and sticking to headlines.

Did Fat Man Miami just change vaporwave forever? & other news 9

Did Fat Man Miami just change vaporwave forever? & other news 10

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