Artist spotlight – Ellie Sampson

This article was originally printed in Visual Signals: Issue Zero. Find on Amazon

Ellie Sampson (London) uses paper, wood and a minimal amount of material to design dreamy architectural models.

Often times, she finds real locations and models them in her own lo-fi paper aesthetic as intimate scenes. I love how she is precise with when to add details and when to use solid long sheets. 

In this recreation of Rona Road, her crafting table and the view outside her presumed window has a perfect purpose. The focus outside the window enforces this idea by not fully using her computer screen and fitting her workspace to the width of the actual window. It’s a little slice of her life, without including the other aspects of her room that doesn’t serve the purpose of what she wants the viewer to feel and see.

These are wonderful scenes to experience. I hope you find as much enjoyment in these scenes as I do. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @elliejsampson

Artist spotlight - Ellie Sampson 6
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Artist spotlight - Ellie Sampson 7

Artist spotlight - Ellie Sampson 8

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