DMT Tapes Documentary by Pad Chennington now out!

Pad Chennington has released his most anticipating videos yet. A massive documentary about DMT Tapes. DMT sent this out in their Bandcamp email list and I wanted to share it for the historical aspect.

Hello to all listeners and supporters of DMT Tapes FL! A special video documentary has been released: The History of DMT Tapes FL, by Pad Chennington. Pad is a prolific YouTuber and content creator who has been crafting informative educational & entertainment video clips about the vaporwave movement. His videos cover a wide range of types including editorials, history lessons, philosophical presentations, lists, track/album reviews, retrospectives, and many more. We have been blessed and honored to have the history of our label included as a part of this canonization. Please consider not only checking out the following documentary, but the catalog of other Pad videos. Anybody interested in vaporwave will surely benefit from a perusal of his channel.


In all the years of this label’s operations, I have only this week figured out how to do these mass email announcements. Allow me to take a quick moment to thank you so much for your interest in our music; I could not have brought such a massive free collection to the web without the help and interest from all of you. Thank you.

DMT Tapes

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DMT Tapes Documentary by Pad Chennington now out! 5

DMT Tapes Documentary by Pad Chennington now out! 6

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