Does album art matter + other releases

News: Compilations looking for music

I just found out about two compilations that are looking for music:

  • The first one by CEO of 인공 안개 도시 on discord specifically for (Cursed) signalwave. “Send (possibly cursed) signalwave tracks to artificialfogcity@gmx(dot)com , deadline is on 1 March 2020”
  • The guys from VA:10 project are putting together another compilation with entry date of January 28th. More info on the organizers twitter.

New Spheres by Noosphere

This is a great 11 track calm, electronic, chillwave. It’s perfect for just throwing on towards the end of the night. I can imagine myself throwing on the cassette, lighting a candle and finsing up the day with some light reading. Noosphere does an incredible job with the mixing on his album and keeping the vibes constant. Something really warm in listening to this. Only 3 cassettes left.

heat​.​wav by Amherst

This album is a prime example of how an album cover can have a negative effect on the actual music in side. You’re probably thinking this is going to be some kind of vaporwave, glitchy album and with the name of heat.wav maybe even some vapor trap here and there. Instead we have really great nu disco / future funk like tracks throughout. Really good tracks like Find the Time and Lady makes this stand out as worth while album. Maybe if it was summer time and this was released the album art would fit but in the winter feels it gets lost. Still worth checking out this digital release.

New Kicks // DMT​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​787 by Telenights

Speaking of album covers speaking for themselves, I knew this album was going to be aesthetic just wasn’t sure how. I wonder if Telenights thought it would be interesting to string the listener along when the title track, New Kicks, started and played with my emotions. At first it was like this ambient / drone sound, that speeds up to space age blast off that corrects course with wistles and cow bells. It’s a strange mixture of sounds that could only be described properly by listening to it. This is totally a RAD (ok boomer) 80s album and actually one I hope we see on cassette. I feel like I need a boom box on my shoulder while listening to this.

Sualo Gevor by s i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន

You know how I am with drone / ambient but this one is actually kind of cool. I like that the album art shows this dark alley way and a single light between building that is the different between pure darkness and safety. It almost feels like the uncertainty of an airplane flight. That’s what the sounds give me. You know you should be safe, but there’s always that thought.

You Too Should Fear What You Have Created by Zer0 れい & J_ade_

Pre-orders have started for the Zer0 れい & J_ade_ collab project. At the momennt we only have 3 tracks to listen to 2 including features from desert sand feels warm at night. 猫 シ Corp. is even featured on this project. It’s got this synthy ambient feel that I’m vibing with. J_ade_’s voice on this has this mysterious distant feeling that I’m really enjoying. I feel like when this comes out, it’s one of those albums you need to listen to from start to finish for the experience. The full album releases November 29, 2019

Everytime I Cry by Dan Mason

I wonder why it took so long to get Dan Mason on 100% Electronica because they fit like a glove. Dan Mason is back at it again wtih a new chiller track titled Everytime I Cry. The little EP is also on a 7″ vinyl pre-order shipping out next month. Grab a copy for $12 and you’ll also get the track Silently which is a 7″ exclusive.

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Does album art matter + other releases 5

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