DONKEYKONGWAVE is finally out & 7 other cassettes released today

Physical Releases

DONKEYKONGWAVE by power_lunch corporation

DONKEYKONGWAVE by power_lunch corporation (limited BANANA EDITION cassette)

There’s been a lot of hype around this album as a collection of vaporwave based on Donkey Kong. The first cassettes and Floppy Disks have sold out luckily an edition of 90 of a banana edition. “When I see the smile on that hairy face” made me crack up.

Finger of God by Azuresands大麻

Finger of God by Azuresands大麻 (Azuresands大麻 TROPICAL 2.5″ badge)

Apparently the finger of God is the middle finger luckily when you purchase this you’ll also get a lapel badge, so at least you have that going for you. It\’s ambient vaporwave kind of all over. CloudLoft was cool.

深い青空 Deep Blue Sky by ツルネCrane

深い青空 Deep Blue Sky by ツルネCrane (2 Cassette Box Set – Yellow Solid – [NOP-096])

Don\’t let that price tag share this is a two cassette bundle in what looks like a soft shell. I like when labels release cassettes like this. It’s mystical ambient at it’s finest.

Secret Earth by Voyage Futur

Secret Earth by Voyage Futur (Cassette [NOP-095])

Another ambient album on cassette from No Problema Tapes. Each track sticks to a location such as a mountain, shore or a feeling in the morning or night sunset.

S​/​T EP by Yellow Panther


Yellow Panther sounds really really familiar i can’t put my finger on it though. Very heavy synth with great warmth. Great experimental album.

Is by Phorme

Is by Phorme (Cassette [NOP-094])

Ambient on cassette. Beautiful cover, i like that dark mysterious pink. It’s a very ambient evolution ablum I really liked it when the drums came in on we make eye contact. It gets intense, I feel that some times when I look at someone.

これ以上の嘘 by Haircuts For Men

これ以上の嘘 by Haircuts For Men (Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl Record)

A 2 track album on 7″, Aloe City was telling me it was a dream of his to produce a 7″ on his label and with Haircuts for Men I think it’s a huge achievement. Limited to 300.

ショッピング​@​Yokohama Mall by 385North

ショッピング​@​Yokohama Mall by 385North (Limited Edition Cassette)

Some chill mallsoft on cassette. Limited to 50 but shipping in 21 days. This album seems to have a track for every part of a mall, from lobby to elevator, escalator and more.

Digital Releases

Topaze Hidden Gems Collection by Topaze Club

A collection of future funk and vaporwave from 7 different artists. A couple familiar ones. The samples on Let’s ダンス! I\’m surprised I don’t hear more often because it works so well.

Utopiopolis by Microsoft Home

M.I.D.I. Making Individuals Do Instruments SyybaNeTek Incorporated We Know What\’s Out There.™

A Friend Of The Earth by creative_reality17

Based on the album art and the few tracks (with out titles) this gives off a cool nat geo vibe, i can see HQ animal life while this plays in the background.


Interesting concept, as seen in the description this album plays off Ying and Yang. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Night and Day. Each track has that kind of theme. I like it.

Mélonade-Yes You Do! Feat. Kujo

New single out by Mélonade featuring Kujo. I love that sample of Eat Like Snake from a Burger King commercial.

DONKEYKONGWAVE is finally out & 7 other cassettes released today 5

DONKEYKONGWAVE is finally out & 7 other cassettes released today 6

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