ev.exi partners up with Desired with new single + cassette/vinyl announced

ev.exi and Desired release a song titled “Getting Late” with pure funk from the future. The first attraction your ears will get is the chops and screws of some city pop singing that we never actually get a full spell of what they are saying. The mix of melody and vocals are not really detached as they are almost one in sound. Just like the two artists teaming up it’s difficult to distinguish between who did what, as they play off each others sound really well. Unlike some collabs where the song might lose umph when two highly known artist work together.

Cool song, totally proud and happy for ev.exi for reaching this level. Check out our interview with ev.exi if you haven’t already.

For those that are not too familiar with ev.exi, he’s a UK based Future funk artist that’s been raising in the scene for quite some time. He’s been shouted out by Pad Chennington multiple times for his album Remember being a favorite for year, even having Pad Chennington play his music on Pad’s debut at the after part of 100% Electronicon. If this is your first time listening to ev and you want some more check out his album Remember for more Future Funk jams.

New album “Forget” coming soon on vinyl & Cassette

ev.exi partners up with Desired with new single + cassette/vinyl announced 1
New album titled “Forget”

ev.exi does have a new album coming out this month October 18th and on both Vinyl annd Cassette with Neoncity Records the 25th of October. Speaking of hitting it big, he’s releasing with Neoncity Records, how much bigger can you get?

This song, Getting Late, will be on this album, so bookmark Neoncity for the 25th and grab a copy.

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