Everything you need to know about Fish Prints + MiniDisc day

I already wrote about MyPetFlamingo and their releases for MiniDisc Day, but I also want to talk about my favorite experiemental label, Fish Prints. Fish Prints is constantly releasing MiniDiscs, so we’d be getting something special from the label. Below is a list of the currently announced MiniDiscs for MiniDisc Day (March 7th, 2020)

Innocence and Desolation (The Fish Prints Reworks) by Barbara Morgenstern

This is a wonderful atmospheric easy to listen to remix album by Fish Prints owner himself, Thor Maillet. It’s dreamy, full of synths and the beautiful voice of Barbra Morgenstern really brings this album to a next level for MiniDisc releases.

Zuhause Plus by Quarks

Just as the artist name is, “Quarks”, this German indietronic album is full of blips, glitches and experimentation that leaves you mesmerised and wanting more. There’s something “Little Big Planet” about this album.

Tennis Academy on a Hill by Twin Towers

This is a brand new album and will be released on MiniDisc day, let’s just say if you’re into experimental rock and you already have an ever growing MiniDisc collection, you’re going to love this. Not all MiniDiscs need to be electronic music and this album breaks that mold.

If you’re just getting started in the MiniDisc world or a long time collector, I hope you’re favorite albums make their way to the physical medium. 

For a full list of currently known labels participating on MiniDisc Day (March 7th) check out: https://minidiscday.com

Everything you need to know about Fish Prints + MiniDisc day 3

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