Everything you need to know about MyPetFlamingo + MiniDisc day

MyPetFlamingo is going hard this year for MiniDisc Day (March 7th, 2020) with a full count of 5 releases with the possibility of more on the way. Saint Pepsi fans stick around cause there’s some collectables here you’re not going to want to miss. Below is a list of all the MiniDiscs currently announced for the label. (NOTE: MINIDISCS RELEASE AT 0:01 UK TIME)

New to MiniDiscs? Check out this awesome video from the label themselves:

MyPetFlamingo MiniDiscs List

Girl Talk by Lola Disco

A classic disco / future funk sound with an incredible 80s/90s aesthetic. It’s a must have for early fans of the label and people looking to increase their future funk collection.

Hotel Pools – Constant

When this first came out on vinyl, it was a huge hit. The captivating imagery of the album art mixed with this chillwave Tycho sounds, It’s on my want list for tomorrow.

Luxury Elite – Prism

Released originally back in 2018, this 80s driven late night vaporwave is a huge release for vapor fans as this is the first time the album hits a physical release. Luxury Elite fan better be around at 0:01 UK time, cause this is going to sell out fast.

Saint Pepsi – Hit Vibes

For those who’ve seen my dance to the classic hit, Hit Vibes, you know how much I love this album and to see it come to MiniDisc is like a dream come true. It’s what started a lot of people on to the future funk of Saint Pepsi and took him into the household name is his today.

Wichita LimeWire – Still on the Lime

Most of use are probably familiar with Wichita LimeWire from their release on My Pet Flamingo’s Flamingo Funk Vol. 2. This is the first on the list that actually caught me off guard as My Pet Flamingo introduces the scene to a lesser known artist for some. Still it was almost destiny with how even this albums album art depicting a MiniDisc on it.

If you’re just getting started in the MiniDisc world or a long time collector, I hope you’re favorite albums make their way to the physical medium.

For a full list of currently known labels participating on MiniDisc Day (March 7th) check out: https://minidiscday.com

Everything you need to know about MyPetFlamingo + MiniDisc day 5

Everything you need to know about MyPetFlamingo + MiniDisc day 6

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