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Vaporwave has found its ability to thrive in the digital world by allowing anyone to release music on any format. We’ve seen cassettes pop off since day one of the genre as Macintosh Plus’ Floral Shop became the rarest cassette known in internet culture. Everyone wanted a piece of that lore and quickly cassette collecting in our scene became just as big as the genre itself. This issue we have Q sharing the top 5 from his collection.

100% Electronicon Mix Tape Volume 1

Fan Collection - Q 5

This tape will always hold a special place in my heart. Over a dozen signatures from artists and contributors to the scene, always kicks up memories of New York each time I listen. I met and made so many wonderful friends on that trip.

Future City Love Stories – Future City Love Stories

Fan Collection - Q 6

An underrated dreampunk classic, Pathum Wan contains beautifully airy synths soaked in rain. Yau Tsim Mong brings a busy and vibrant city drone. HKE has entangled feelings of love, angst, and curiosity into 45 minutes, both sides leaving you fully immersed in a smoky neon purple and red cityscape.

khoven – LSD: Pacificaの夢

Fan Collection - Q 7

Guised as “Fish Simulation Software”, khoven (AKA Valyri) has expertly woven drum n bass breaks flowing into serene trip hop beats. This album is such a fulfilling experience, leaves the listener in a state of bliss every time.

DJ Prom Knight – The Perfect Kiss

Fan Collection - Q 8

Another special tape for me, DJ Prom Knight (AKA Equip) has stepped into the slushwave ring with his first debut under this alias bringing us an album full of nostalgic prom memories. Each song gives off this energy that makes you yearn to experience that night once more.

CREEPS – Night Themes

Fan Collection - Q 9

This is an album you’ll have to sit down and hear for yourself. Rich, moody, and dark. Brings about feelings like you’re in a noire film fifty years in the future. From Penny, one half of Surfing, this is like a sequel to Chrome.

Fan Collection - Q 10
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Fan Collection - Q 11

Fan Collection - Q 12

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