Free 100% Electronicon Cassettes + Wave 2 Info!

100% Electronicon is in less than 30 days and Wave 2 was announced earlier this month. I have a feeling some of the artists on the list might not be as well known as the wave 2 bunch and I wanted to introduce you to each of the 4 wave 2 artists

NxxxxxS, Nmesh, Fire-Toolz & chris†††  will be joining us Aug 31st, so lets check out who they are so you can groove to their music when they play.


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NxxxxxS. Is probably best known on youtube for his album Fujita scale which has a vapor-trap sound with a great array of ambience and synths. It’s cool. Plus that album art is iconic 

When I was introduce to NxxxxxS it was when the album Remember Last Summer came out. This album is amazing if you’re into suicide boys, Lund that emo dark. Rap sound. The tracks on this are super hype, dark and I shows the potential NxxxxxS had in 2017.

Out of everyone on Wave 2, he is the one I want to see and meet the most.

Must listen Tracks: Remember Last Summer, Fujita Scale, 1000 ways to get paid


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Nmesh is probably the biggest of the wave 2 artists in the fact his album Pharma has been reviewed on Theneedledrop, he’s had articles written about him by bandcamp and his collaboration list with some of the greatest in the scene.

I think to fully understand Nmesh you can’t really just listen to one song but entire albums. Dream Sequins® is one of those albums that you put headphones on, close your eyes on your bed and let the music transport you to another world. There’s no way to describe this album other than you have to listen to it. 

If you show up to 100% and have never heard of Nmesh after you’re really doing yourself a disservice.


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I was first introduced to Fire-Toolz because of St. Louis, MO. WARP ZONE show in May. Her name was biggest on the flyer but for whatever reason due to the Aesthetic I kept passing on her. So making this video I finally sat down to listen to their music.

The first track I ever listened to was off the album Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) which currently has a cassette and vinyl pre-order going on until Sept 13th. Only one track is available on the Orange Milk Records bandcamp which is titled ✓ BEiNG. 

✓ BEiNG is packed full of surprises, you think it’s going to be a basic ambient soundscape song with birds playing in the background. A hint of wind-chimes, but then this synth comes in to liven things but things quickly go from a lovely beach vacation to a BC13 screamo track for a second but calms down quicker than you have time to figure out what just happened. I recommend listening to the whole 4 minute song to get the full experience I don’t want to ruin it for you.

If this is the sound to be expected at 100% Electronicon,  I’m super hyped because this is feeding into both my emo roots and my vapor roots. I’m sad I passed on Fire-Toolz for so long


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I was actually shocked to see chris††† show up on the wave 2 list. chris††† AKA John Zobelle AKA the sole owner of vapor label business casual isn’t exactly the first artist I think of in our scene, maybe he is overshadowed by his successful label. 

If you know chris†††  at all it’s probably because of his album frasierwave or you’ve seen the cassette of his album deep dark trench with sonichu? And the american flag.

It’s not that he doesn’t make great music or anything, I just didn’t picture him as a live performer. Tracks like thoughts and prayers, notification & he’s dead inside show his musical talent.

Final Thoughts

If anything,  I think I might be more excited about seeing some of wave 2 than some artists on wave 2. Part of it is their mystery of how they got invited to 100% considering their scale plus how different some of their song is compared to the rest of the line up. 

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