Future Funk & Vaporwave concert in St. Louis, MO. & other news – 5/5/2019

Daily news for Future Funk and Vaporwave for the day of May 5th, 2019. Published every day to keep you informed on cassettes, vinyl, and concerts released in our scene.

Physical Releases

Setka - Pink Sea cassette

Setka – Pink Sea (cassette)

Some cute kawaii future funk. I really like the song Pink Tonight and Kokubu. This is my first time hearing about Setka, but I really like the direction of this album. Something about those anime girl sounds haha.

I really like the take on the album art to the cassette release. I almost think it should be the actual album art.

Digital Releases

楽園の喜び by from tokyo to honolulu

Got notified about this in an email and before I even saw the artist, I knew it was going to be a Tokyo to Honolulu album. Something about that art work.

自由にしてくれ by S O A R E R

my second introduction to slushwave, vaporwaves’ ambient side. “filled with noises about a city fallen in love. Smooth, luscious, hypnotic, and calming, if you weren’t a fan of S O A R E R yet, you will be now!”

Being Constructive by creative_reality17

I don’t know howcreative_reality17 has the time to be so creative but some how he’s been releasing music almost daily. I want to reach out to him soon for an interview to discuss more of his music style and how he has the time to make so much music. Also why are the song titled A# & B#? Does that mean these come from cassette?

Scene news

楽園の喜び by from tokyo to honolulu

If you saw the release above and enjoyed it. You’ll be happy to know the album is also coming to cassette soon, release date unknown but will be announced next week on Aloe City Records. Stay tuned for that.

St. Louis, MO. WARP ZONE concert

If you’re out in St. Louis, MO, WARP ZONE is having a concert specific to the Future Funk and Vaporwave genres.

Couple of familiar names on the roaster which is cool I didn’t know St Louis had this big of a scene since this is the 2nd party for this time.

As you see Ahero is on the roaster, which we recently had an interview with him which you can listen to here

ahero - interview
ahero – interview

Future Funk & Vaporwave concert in St. Louis, MO. & other news - 5/5/2019 5

Future Funk & Vaporwave concert in St. Louis, MO. & other news - 5/5/2019 6

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