GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases

There were so many releases today I had to limit how many I wrote about it. Who knew Monday nights / Tuesday mornings were such a big deal in the vapor scene. Speaking of big deals, GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories is on 2 different vinyls and it’s selling out quick. Don’t say I didn’t warm you. Also there was a Floral Shoppe tribe cassette released today that I didn’t talk about but wanted to link. Also, Assonance released a cassette but it was announced while I was AFK so I couldn’t listen to it.

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Physical Releases

GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases 5

GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories (Limited Edition Double LP – Ocean Blue)

A fan of eccojams type vaporwave? Then you know you already own this digitally. The fact that this is now on vinyl and as of right now only 17 remaining out of the 150, should show you how important this album is to the Eccojams community.

GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases 6

PEACH008LP – Tangerine by Shanti Celeste (Double Vinyl LP)

This is a pre-order for Shanti Celeste’s next vinyl, Tangerine, on Peach Discs label. I’ve never heard of Shanti Celeste before but she seem pretty known in the DJ world: “Beginning as a record store assistant at Idle Hands in Bristol and now a fixture of some of the world’s most acclaimed clubs and festivals, Celeste’s instincts and curiosity have forged a musical space that is very much her own.” If you’re looking to get into the DJ dance world and need some new music this one might be up your alley.

Digital Releases

“Grooving All Night” – Singles Compilation vol​​.​​2 by KuuAden

This is a pretty cool release as it’s KuuAden’s second compilation of tracks made during his anime groove phase. If anime groove is a new term to you, think future funk with a lot anime girls making noise. I think KuuAden hit the nail on the head and released an album that could stand on it’s own in the groove anime genre. Favorite track: Miku Senpai

?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​? ・ RECOVERY ・ ララバイデータベース by ASTRO TV SYSTEM・空気系・天気予報

This might be my favorite release of the week and I haven’t even had a chance to listen to a quarter of it. 2 of my favorite signalwave (type) artists together on one album: 空気系 and 天気予報. Then to see a new name, ASTRO TV SYSTEM, who totally surprised me with their song. This is like an early Christmas. It isn’t like they just threw some tracks together, each artist has put a full albums worth into this compilation. Obviously with 空気系 being my favorite signalwave artist, the track “RECOVERY VII” has to be my favorite from him.

Cntseemtu – Single by HATENA

Get a little taste of HATENA’s next album with these two singles. I guess he was on a break and this is what he was working on. Quality sound I always expect and he always delivers on.

Riveting Ribbiting // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​763 by Purple Palm

There’s like 30 albums out today, and I couldn’t listen to all of them… including this but I wanted to promote it because it reminds me of the uncle squiddz album.

Ladies of The Palace by Hackosef

Wow, Hackosef is really going beyond on this album. With 19 tracks of pure french house and nu disco, I know I mentioned this before but it really does feel like Christmas. Everyone song is as good as the next and I’d love to hear some of these in an actual FF show. Favorite tracks: Casanove, Cherry & Hostium

无 by SYNTHラブ

A compilation album of all the creepy sounding vapor / ambient / horror music SYNTHラブ has made over the years. Just in time for Halloween.

Did you know MTHU has Podcast on Google Podcast and iTunes?

The Mariner by Emerld

The album art alone gives off this horror sickness of rough seas in a vast ocean storm. Even multiple demon like faces in the lines if you look hard enough. Emerld took this feeling and turned it into pure drone and dark ambience fit for the purpose of lost at sea death. Favorite track: Isolation

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases 7

GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases 8

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