George Clanton breaks his ankle and other Future Funk & Vaporwave News – 5/3/2019 (Weekly Video #8)


Show Notes

Future Funk & Vaporwave news for the Week of April 21st – May 3rd, 2019

Music Used in this episode:

Thanks to all those artists that allowed us to use their music

Scene News

Cute little music video for Soda City Funk by Tim Ledgend. It looks beatifully animated and I’m happy to see we are getting more music videos out of our scene. Oh and it’s at 1.2 mil views at the moment.

Yung bae’s music is in a Pac Sun commercial.

Which is totally nuts. Actually all my jeans since high school have come from Pac Sun.

There was a brief moment where they stopped supplying skinny jeans for a minute, but luckily those are back.

cool to see future funk getting into a little mainstream media.

Business Casual turns 6 years old this month

Awesome achievement considering how young the scene is. They’ve released dozens upon dozen of top act albums, some so rooted in the scene that they defined a lot of the foundation.

I was thinking about doing a big video to celebration but then I started talking to @MiddleClassComfort and we are thinking of a collaboration to better celebrate the artists and Business Casual. Expect more info on that this week.


This japanese store, HMVRecords, has an entire shelf for Neon City Records and MACROSS 82-99 releases. Look at that photo:

If you’re in Japan today, 5/3/2019, they are selling these cassettes and vinyls all day. Hopefully you get one and they don’t get bought out by some reseller.

George Clanton breaks an ankle

He jumps off the stage and accidentally breaks an ankle. EMS has to take him to the hospital and the way Georgle Clanton handles it is top notch. Not only did he finish the concert off before going to the hospital, he records his Acne Studio jeans getting cut up (for medical purposes) and asked for a discount. Real cool dude.

If that wasn’t enough, he then asks out for a wheelchair so he can play his next show and someone comes to the recuse. What a scene.

So go support his music and his touring, that way he can pay off those medical bills. The dudes a legend now and a true hard worker for his craft. He deserves it. His music can be found on bandcamp. Here’s some below:

Tupperwave has a kid!

Turns out it’s his second child which is crazy because I was under the impression he was younger. It’s pretty sweet to see our scene isn’t just 15 year old kids but also people living their daily lives. What’s even cool is how the internet allows anyone of us to make and create things we love and share it with like minded communities. Congrats mate, that’s awesome, hope you’re family a healthy and fruitful new experience.

Oh, his eBay charity event is going into Part 2 now, starting with a signed TUPPERWAVE green vinyl, Private Suite Magazine Issue 5 and a @tvvinpinezm4ll cassette.

Japanese folklore monsters museum

Not specific to our scene but the first museum dedicated to Japanese folklore was opened this week in Hiroshima. They released an awesome youtube video to accompany this event. A must stop place now if you’re into yokai (japanese ghosts).

Physical Releases


I love this because I think as a label, you should put more time and effort into your artists release. A simple youtube video makes a huge different to me vs a simple tweet. The album is also pretty good.

Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night

Get’s two cassettes announced with Seikomartjapan. Expecting the drop 5.9 at 11pm EST and 5.10 12PM JST.

FYI, we interviewed Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night earlier this week. Watch or listen to the full interview here:


Ducat releasing with @coraspect  his new album “New Retro” on cassette. Expected to drop tomorrow May 4th, 2019. Follow coraspect for more details on that Future Funk cassette.

Digital Releases

Concert News

SYNERGY party on 5/17! In Chicago

Artists include:

  • M-flo 
  • Moe Shop
  • Tanuki
  • android52
  • Snack Attack

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George Clanton breaks his ankle and other Future Funk & Vaporwave News – 5/3/2019 (Weekly Video #8) 5

George Clanton breaks his ankle and other Future Funk & Vaporwave News – 5/3/2019 (Weekly Video #8) 6

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