HATENA – Parader (cassette review)

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Hatena Parader Albums

Hatena’s album Parader is one of my favorite albums from this genre without question. I first heard it on Hatena’s personal Bandcamp page and later picked up the cassette (a few copies left as of this writing, go get one!) on Coraspect’s Bandcamp page. The digital version and cassette version are mixed differently and really makes the cassette feel that much more special. I can’t wait to see what Hatena produces next or if this will come on wax any time soon.

The perfectly timed cuts and seamless chopping are what I live for and Hatena has mastered that in more ways than one cementing this album as a classic. A few songs come to mind immediately on this album that really showcases the skills and effects I love in this genre: 365, Cheap Thrills, and Right Now.

Hatena Parader Cassette

This is by far my top 5 albums from the Future Funk genre and even though Hatena may not think fondly of it I still play this album almost daily. If you haven’t had time to get around to this one, I suggest you find that time.

HATENA - Parader (cassette review) 5
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HATENA - Parader (cassette review) 6

HATENA - Parader (cassette review) 7


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