Have you heard of these vaporwave artists before?

People seemed to always DM me for new vaporwave artists to listen to. Today we’ve been blessed with 3 different releases from some lesser known artists. Each of different styles to so people who like that classic vapor sound, that video game vapor or even some ambient will be enjoying some sweet tunes. Check them out below, Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Proto Wario by Sheriff Mario RPG

When I heard of Sheriff Mario RPG music I thought it was just a meme account. I think it was on DMT-Tapes and I listened to the album but didn’t write about it. Just thought it was a throw away artists project, but then today I saw Sheriff Mario RPG releases an album on FOTOSHOPPE, which I actually really respect that label. So while I listened to todays album, Prototype Wario, I started to look at what other projects Sheriff Mario RPG has worked on and I was surprised to see the amount of collabs and albums released. Proto Wario isn’t even a bad album either, a mix of Mario like music (or samples idk) thrown under some stressed filters and mixed as seen in typical vaporwave. I’ll keep a better eye on Sheriff Mario RPG now~

Publix Royale // DMT​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​784 by Publix Government Jr.

Speaking of artists I’ve never heard of before, classic late-night lo-fi / vaporwave artist Publix Government Jr. released an album on DMT (wait DMT does accept a lot of unknown artists eh? It’s probably a good place to send you music if you’re looking to enter the scene but don’t want to get lost or left behind by self release).

I actually liked this album a lot, it’s saxy, late night composition that probably would do we’ll in a hotel or lobby as background music. I actually forgot I was writing the daily releases because I got caught up listening to the album and then started reading about baseball terms used in business…

Speaking of business, Publix Government Jr. is a great vaporwave artist name. Fits that high class 80s life style that a lot of artists.

New From Million by DDS BETA 2.0

Ambient artist DDS BETA 2.0 is back at it again with well… an album for of ambience. Actually, I should find a second writer for the daily releases because I know a lot of people love ambient music and I don’t give it justice. Hit me up on twitter if you’re interested in working at least 30 minutes every day to write about one album… for no pay.. like me 😀

Anyways, this album does have a little more texture than normal ambience. For example in the track, Tamga Zoluska, we almost get a windy night as someone walks through the woods of a leafy ground. The more I listen to the album the darker and mysterious it gets. I wish this would have been released on halloween cause i’m getting those kind of vibes.

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Have you heard of these vaporwave artists before? 5

Have you heard of these vaporwave artists before? 6

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