Help fund a NATIONAL ナショナル vinyl + other releases

Physical Releases

Help fund a NATIONAL ナショナル vinyl + other releases 3

Yesterday’s Jam by Strawberry Station (2nd Edition Cassette Reissue)

For those that missed it first time around, a second edition is now available. Amazing future funk and a sweet one to own in the collection.

Help fund a NATIONAL ナショナル vinyl + other releases 4

ultra extra by SHAMANE (limited IPPENSTANCE edition cassette)

Very experimental album. The album tracks titles also are something of a spectacle. “all downloads also include shamane’s new 27 page book of rhymes “i can eat my slang,” additional artwork and four videos!”

Digital Releases

Pathways by NATIONAL ナショナル

NATIONAL ナショナル just released this with the announcement of a qrates funding starting. His first vinyl is now requiring 200 backers. He’s got 25 days to get it done and let’s hope he does. Strawberry Station and Brotomkaw are both featured on this album.

Bradlees by c a l d o r 32x

I had a conflict with a mate over some discord stuff. During our discussion of the issue, I listened to this album and man it felt perfect. I really really like this album now and I was about to pass it up but I got caught up in the discussion that it became background noise to focus. o u r l o v e i s s t r o n g is beautiful

Day Out At Maplewood by Maplewood Shopping Village

Interesting to see the artist used Kmart samples from that massive cassette archive. I thought maybe they’d use a local mall for the background but actually that’s sampled too. I enjoyed listening to the first 15 minutes. Good mallsoft.

A Long Time by HiRO.JP

I can’t tell if this is half a HiRO.JP album and then a compilation album mixed in..? but we are seeing not only HiRO.JP on the list but kissmenerdygirl, ミカヅキBIGWAVE and Nekura. All together you’re getting beauitful city pop, future funk and chill vibes. I really like that song, Last Month.

Help fund a NATIONAL ナショナル vinyl + other releases 5

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