Help Nmesh Find his stolen car! (Found)

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Good news the car was found… just completely trashed.

Although not specific to the scene, the crazy events behind Nmesh accidentally leaving his car keys in the ignition and getting caught up in a gas station. This leads into a high-speed chase with a stranger’s help. “a guy at [the] opposite end of the pumps screams out his car window “they got your car!! get in!!!” – I don’t know this guy, but what the fuck else am I supposed to do?” NMESH stated on Instagram. After white-knuckling a clip from fast & furious the police take over and unfortunately, the criminals getaway. 

If anyone has any information on a 2013 black Honda Civic with Nmesh, 100% Electronica, Negative Gemini, Hausu Mountain, Derostatica Records and a “D.R.E.A.M” sticker on it with license plate 220TDH (Indiana tags), let him know @nmeshofficial 

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i park at pump 3 at the circle K on the corner of eastern blvd., by the expressway – i do something VERY out of character for me, and leave the keys in the ignition with the car running – i was only running in to grab smokes, didn’t think there’d be an issue – my neighbor from across the street walks in the store – this guy never shuts up, and proceeded to talk to me and the clerk about my tattoos for 2 solid minutes, while i’m posted at the exit door, waiting for him to finish so I can leave. – i walk out of the gas station, don’t see my car at the pump… very confused – then a woman at pump 1 starts slamming on her horns to get my attention – i look out onto the street, and there’s my car, peeling out of the lot onto Eastern Blvd. – a guy at opposite end of the pumps screams out his car window “they got your car!! get in!!!” – i don’t know this guy, but what the fuck else am i supposed to do? – i run over to his car, hop in, and we FLY out of there – he hops on 65 south, and it takes a good minute or so before we catch up to my car – we must be going 100 MPH – i’m scared AF, holding the oh-shit handle for dear life – my car gets off on Jefferson downtown, and for the next 10 minutes, i’m literally in a high-speed chase, with “driver” weaving around cars, running red lights, taking short cuts down alleys, all to keep up with my car – this dude… “driver” is impressive – he’s on the phone with LMPD the entire time, cool as a cucumber, all the while driving like its a Fast & Furious movie – what is even happening right now.. – at one point, we come to a red light at Broadway, with my car directly in front of us – they actually switch drivers, for whatever reason – we follow them in the west end, eventually coming to an alleyway, and LMPD has finally caught up to us – “Driver” pulls over, and 3 cops cars dart down the alley trailing my car, lights on – i’m like’YESSSSSS… fucking get em!’ – then, driver informs me he has warrants in Louisville, and politely kicks me out of his car – i’m stranded in an alley off of 31st street – (CONT. on second pic.)

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Help Nmesh Find his stolen car! (Found) 5
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Help Nmesh Find his stolen car! (Found) 6

Help Nmesh Find his stolen car! (Found) 7

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