HTNA releases a new project under name ‘bootlegbby’ + other releases

Physical Releases

HTNA releases a new project under name 'bootlegbby' + other releases 5

Crop Circles by Mother’s Hold (Limited Edition Cassette)

I know this album is being called Bedroom Pop, but I would more call it NES music meets bedroom pop and passed around a vaporwave scene. Another Life gives you a taste of vocals that gives in an indy feel but when you listen to the synths, it has so many elements of video game music that I love. Awesome cassette to change it up in your vapor collection.

Digital Releases

Polygonic by bootlegbby

A new full album from the mastermind behind the HTNA project, bootlegbby out shines his musical ability with pure classic samples twisting them into a new light. Check out Don’t Mind or any one of these tracks because it’s going to get your dancing in no time. You don’t want to miss this album.


I would love to experience this album as the album art shows. a dark room lit only with TVs and the imagination to take you through the experience. Some times I get a sense of peace from the album other times dreed, what that would be like in an artistic display as describe, I don’t know but I can imagine an unforgettable experience at least.

Transparency by MISE

I’ve listened to this album 2 days in a row now and I can’t manage to determine how much is sampled and how much is actual instruments for the album. It sounds too well crafted and put together to be taken out of samples but it hits the feel of 80s vapor jazz that it’s blowing my mind it was made in 2019.

L’effondrement des Étoiles by Le Grand Salon

“Webelotrax is very proud to present a collection of songs by French-Canadian composer Pier-Luc Boivin as ‘Le Grand Salon’. Mysterious and melancholic, L’effondrement des étoiles presses the listener with urgency. Utilizing beautiful strings and ominous percussion, a massive mood is established within the 4-tracks. A darker tale for the refined palette, we hope you enjoy the Collapse of the Stars….”

HTNA releases a new project under name 'bootlegbby' + other releases 6

HTNA releases a new project under name 'bootlegbby' + other releases 7

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