ICいよてつどうJourney by メトロイヤー (digital release)

I’ve just released my latest album, ICいよてつどうJourney by メトロイヤー. As you see, not under KITE0080 but メトロイヤー. A Personal Alias (Originally Streaming Dream).

What started off as an album that was created 1/2 without listening and watching TV turned into a full 7 track album about the IYOTETSU metro system. Seriously, the first few tracks I made without listening to a single bit of it but then later cleaned it up.

Official Music Video

IYOTETSU or 伊予鉄道 is the main train provider in Matsuyama, Ehime, Shikoku, Japan. This album is a dedication to the sounds, the journey and the slice of life found in those railroad tracks.

I’ve actually never took the IYOTETSU metro before but through randomly jumping around the Japanese wikipedia, I stumbled upon it. I listened to the jingle (track フレンドリーリマインダー), I knew I wanted to do some kind of tribute. That’s what’s so great with vaporwave for me. You can create any kind of style of music using any kind of inspiration and create something beautiful.

Listen to the full album here + purchasing the album gives you 2 bonus tracks.

I’m a huge fan of trains. I’ve always found some kind of calmness to them. This won’t be my last metro/train tribute.

ICいよてつどうJourney by メトロイヤー (digital release) 5

ICいよてつどうJourney by メトロイヤー (digital release) 6

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