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What a perfect weekend for releases. We got a new album out on Gulf Audio that has an accompanying VHS release. Actually really worth while vapor-trap that you can study to. A new released off Aristotle’s Hard Drive… and so much more. Did I miss your release or one you think I should know about? Let me know on discord, twitter or instagram~

Malibu Condos v2​​.​​0 by t i m e シェア 94 (VHS [NTSC])

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Malibu Condos v2​.​0 by t i m e シェア 94 (TIMESHARE’94) just released with Gulf Audio Company a pretty outstanding album mixed with visuals that can be purchased on a VHS.

As you can see in the video about, the visuals on each track are mesmerizing and fit each song perfectly. I really like everything going on with track two.

Only 2 VHS left as of posting this

Aristotle And Friends: Vol. 2
by Various Artists

Aristotle’s Hard Drive was one of the first artists in vapor who I connected with. I remember before interviewing him I was looking at his twitter thinking this kid is just a meme-ster and the interview was going to bomb, but I ignored my gut and did it anyways.

After our interview I almost was ashamed at my judgement of this artist based off his twitter. We had an extremely heart felt, educational and overall just a wonderful discussion of vaporwave and what I meant to him (full interview here). It even left me shedding a tear one night listening to the track, Spa House, by him after knowing the backstory and actually feeling who he was.

This, this right here is why I loved interviewing artists in the vaporwave scene. It opens your eyes to a larger world and the minds of the artists of the music we love.

So why the long backstory? In the interview we talked about how he was kind of leaving the scene for a bit but was probably going to release a follow up album to the first “Aristotle And Friends”. This time around we have 11 friends on the album plus the first track from Aristotle’s Hard Drive himself in more than 12 months. You’ll know most of the artists on this, so give it a listen, let AHD know how much you like his music as I’d love to hear more music from him. It’s a delight to get at least one track from him today.

In The Reflect Of The Sky 空の反射 by Zadig The Jasp & Sound Market

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In The Reflect Of The Sky 空の反射

What first grabbed me about this album is obviously that outstanding album art. That beautiful blue clear sky, the zebra like stripes on such a uniquely shaped building. Also if it isn’t obvious, this has to be coming out on cassette with that pink side. I actualy thought this was going to a officesoft or a future funnk album, but to my surprised this is a perfectly well crafted chillwave vapor beats / trap album.

Actually I’m excited to finish the daily news so I can listen to the full album in one go, there’s something special here. Really digging the style of vapor trap, not in your face, not too hyped just laid back, chill melodies and percussion to let your mind stay focused on positive reflection. Actually AQVARIA, the label here, has been releasing some outstanding work lately. Keep an eye on them.

Redialing Transmission by 天気予報

The days seem to be going by quicker as the end of the year grows closer. It doesn’t help to I know know soon signalwave / weathersoft artist 天気予報 will be ending his project after 5 more releases. So it’s a tad bitter sweet each time I see a release. Luckily, after putting on the new release, I’m grateful for the new music and sound we get from 天気予報.

This time get an interesting mix of mellow vapor and signals. The first two tracks are more on the synthwave / chillwave mix with an addition of peaceful noise (crackles and static). The track, Language of the emotions, takes us back to the roots with typical signal style editing but a more sad undertone of repetitive melody and vocals that feels mysterious in the face of an unknown future. Actually most of these tracks, like Hoping for memories, just feels sad. Like the end of soFramework by Efilheimmething good that we all knew wouldn’t last forever.

天気予報 has added so much value into the vaporwave scene and I think most people haven’t really had a taste of this talented artist. That’s why released one video a day for a week to share his work and appreciation of it on my YouTube channel, full playlist here.

Framework by Efilheim

It’s been a while since I listened and reported on a pure synthwave 80s album but France Artist, Efilheim, sent me an email about this release and like I’ve always promised, I’ll always report on a release if someone personally emails me about it.

So what did we get here? A beautiful collection of action pumped 80s fulled synthwave. Guitar melodies, synths and drum lines that will make you steal your local spaceship and fight off cargo pirates from mars. I also gotta say, for a synthwave album the album art looks incredible it really draws on the emotional vision of the album and builds a world of imagination instantly. Oh and Did I mention it’s now available for pre-order on cassette?

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