Interview: 🌴1am バイブBlunts

Interview: 🌴1am バイブBlunts 5

(This was originally available in Visual Signals Issue 1, released in September 2020.)

JW: What lead to you making dark ambient/ambient/Vaporwave?

1amblunts: Creating, expressing, feeling, the culmination of ourselves is part of the experience. Often attracting spirits as ourselves. Was it meant to be?

JW: What do you consider yourself, an ambient artist, an experimental artist, a Vaporwave artist?

1amblunts: I guess if I had to label myself something it would just be experimental. I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, or really anybody. I’m just here.

JW: Is 1amblunts your only alias?

1amblunts: 1am is not my only alias. The rest are best kept secret.

JW: Out of your work, what is your favorite album?

1amblunts: I like Eternal Exodus 2. A blend of sounds to numb to.

JW: Let’s talk about Evening Disclosure. ( What is it? Are you a founder, or are you just a contributing member? What is Evening Disclosure’s mission statement, if there is one?

1amblunts: An empty stage for all and any performers. Founded under a group, I am the primary operator. E.D. is a place of expression, a doorway to different dimensions. Places from afar, and within. Evening Disclosure, the darkest hub world.

JW: Favorite Evening Disclosure release and why?

1amblunts: The All Alone series. Spectrum of lonely perception.

JW: You’ve contributed songs to compilations around Bandcamp, such as 3 A.M. for Dark Web Recordings. What has been your favorite comp. album you contributed to?

1amblunts: I don’t really have a favorite. It’s always interesting to see who else appears on them all. Fidelity Zero has a lot of different people for example.

JW: Have you ever released any of your stuff on cassette?

1amblunts: I’ve been featured on cassette, but currently have none of my own.

JW: Do you plan to do physical releases in the future, for either 1amblunts or Evening Disclosure?

1amblunts: E.D. has no plans for such right now. 1am will in the future.

JW: Why do you like Vaporwave, Dark Ambient, Plunderphonics and other genres you dabble in?

1amblunts: Like before, it’s all an expression. Sometimes I feel like I’ve gotta extract something from within. Then let it go, like a balloon.

JW: Any releases coming up?

1amblunts: There will be some things here and there in the future.

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Interview: 🌴1am バイブBlunts 7

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