Interview with Future Funk Artist – Uni Deluxe

In this episode we interview and hang out with Uni Deluxe. He’s a future funk artist that’s pretty well known in the scene. Has released music with Palm ’84 on cassette. Even making it to top 8 albums of future funk on Bandcamp at one point.

Show notes

At first the artist behind UNI DELUXE was an underground trap music producer. Oddly enough is origins of Future Funk didn’t start because of finding Vaporwave but because his dad was an avid 80s funk fan. So as a kid driving up to New York he’d often have to listen to the music. Over time he enjoyed it and once he found Future Funk he knew he needed to start making it himself.

In January of 2019 his album debut CITY LIGHTS was announced coming to cassette with Palm ’84. Crazy enough he wasn’t the one who submitting to them but actually they reached out to him. The cassette went live February 9, 2019 at 3:00pm and 30 minutes later it was sold out. When asked how this happened UNI DELUXE doesn’t really know how himself. Just attributing it to the fact that he was a new name, it was on a good label and people must have liked his music.

In April of this year, he released his sophomore album, Forgotten Summers. Another great collection of future funk songs while some samples already familiar from bigger artists are used throughout it hasn’t had the same excitement as CITY LIGHTS. This year he does plan on getting that album onto cassette and with possibly a new label to get his music out to future funk fans. It’s unknown when that might be.

Early this month, UNI DELUXE released a rather odd album full of lo-fi beats, titled relation. Explaining that some times he needs to work on other music to come back to the Future Funk scene with a better album. We do know that he is working on a chill summer future funk album, expected to release this year.

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Interview with Future Funk Artist - Uni Deluxe 5

Interview with Future Funk Artist - Uni Deluxe 6

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