Is 天気予報 hinting to the end of his signalwave project?

Meta News

Yesterday I did an experiment with my Twitter account. I uploaded 27 “59 second clips” of every released vapor related album over the past 48 hours… (that’s a lot of numbers in a sentence). What I saw was… well most videos only received 30-40 views. Instagram had even less for the same content. Although Instagram had a better layout for those kind of videos. Oddly enough I only got 1 twitter following in that 24 hours of testing…

What I didn’t do was tag each artist, but it takes so much time to created 27 videos. 27 descriptions with original links back to the bandcamps for the album. 27 different hashtags and 27 different scheduled times (I used Hootsuite).

It took about 5 hours to fully complete and for what? Well I hope if anything it got a few new ears on the artists that were promoted. Not sure what I expect, not sure if anyone even noticed. But if you like finding new vapor related music, my twitter and insta are always posting the latest releases for your enjoyment, I hope you enjoy the hard work.

Today’s Releases

Oddly enough, the only two albums I had time to listen to today were signalwave. Lucky for me… actually I wonder if anyone likes signalwave as much as I do.

トモダチデータベース by 天気予報 (Digital)

First up, one of my favorite signalwave artist has released an interesting album titled トモダチデータベース, which translate to tomodachi database. Which I believe is in reference to the DS/3DS/Wii related game Tomodachi Life. I never did get a chance to play myself, but I thought it would have been fun to own if I was a teenager looking for a safe way to make online friends.

The album only has 2 track, both at 11:11 long which was interesting. If there’s a connection to the video games in that, let me know. I also noticed for the first time today there’s some weird cryptic messaging in the side bar description. 9 left, 1+ and Finished Production: 8-6-2019. It’s past the production date so idk what that is. I wonder if we’re only getting 9 more releases from this artists… Just documenting it now just in case it changes on the next release and we have a real mystery on our hands.

Signal testing by Visual electronics (digital)

Today on vapor label, Internet-Stories, we get a new artist, Visual electronics, releasing the album Signal testing. The album art sets the mood of the album as we get a VHS time(?) stamped snapshot of a sorrowful feeling women silhouetted by a beautifully digitally deteriorated ocean.

So for the 80th Internet-Stories release, what kind of album did we get? A mixed collection of various musical stories. As with a lot of signalwave based albums, the jingles and catchiest parts of the commercials or transmissions are used.

From first listen the album seems very typical to expectations of signalwave but the use of single word title tracks open up the imagination in ways radio programs alway did. The tracks almost follow the same patterns as broadcasted experiences; from Theme songs, Skin Care ads, features of Skylines, Temples, Happiness and more.

I think Visual electronics has a lot of potential as a signalwave artist, I can’t wait to see how they push the boundaries of the genre.

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Is 天気予報 hinting to the end of his signalwave project? 5

Is 天気予報 hinting to the end of his signalwave project? 6

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