Joys of Autumn by Subliminal Network (Album Review)

So today is Ethan’s Birthday, Happy Birthday mate~ You probably know him from First Class Collective (or his online name, MiddleClassComfort). He’s been a huge supporter of the show since day one but most of all great friend. Everyone please follow him and his outstanding Vaporwave label to give him a warm birthday.

In addition to this news, today we are looking at a newly released album on Tomorrow Entertainment Records, Joys of Autumn by Subliminal Network. They sent out free codes early this week and to return the favor for such a nostalgic experience, I wanted to shout out the album with a review. Read below how you too can get this album for free.

Autumn can be Nostalgic too

When they said Autumn can Nostalgic too, hot damn (or more like hot transiting to cool damn) did Subliminal Network get this feeling right. When I think of autumn, I have to reflect based on living in North Carolina as a child. Autumn probably starts most years midway through October, around this time. The trees start changing to their beautiful orange, reds and yellows and the nights get nippy. By Halloween, it’s chilly but actually still pretty damn hot under those costumes I loved dressing up in on that spooky night.

Into November, it’s mildly cold and leaves are all on the ground and for whatever reason, my Dad must take us all out to the lake. Every year without fail, walking the dog at our local fall lake, in a hoodie myself, shivering with annoyance that I wasn’t built for these temperatures. Winter is going to suck. You’d think me being born in New York in January would have toughen me up. Anyways, let’s get into the album

Joys of Autumn

I never really thought about Autumn that much but it does actually have this comfortable feel. With the excitement of Halloween, the family time of Thanksgiving and the looming joy of Christmas vacation, there’s a lot to celebrate. The first track, Joys of Autumn, paints that beautiful orange, red and yellow scenery with an oddly calming vocal.. it works really well.

And as I mentioned early the distinct memory of having to go to the river during the fall to walk the dog with my dad, we also get a track on this album titled, Teatime near the Waterfalls. The flow of water, the slow piano and the melody that guides you through the nature around a brisk morning perfectly sums it up. Just in this songs title’s case, it ends with Teatime. Mine never had a warm happy ending, as I didn’t think of bringing a termose on my trips. Maybe next time I’ll surprise my Dad with the idea if we ever take those walks again. I’m getting to an age were I only see family at major holidays unfortunately…

The last song I want to talk about is titled Book Club. Again I never really thought about it specifically but I love reading in the Fall. Staying indoors becoming a regular habit, it’s still sunny outside during the day and birds are still out, so opening up a book just feels natural. Seasonal Depression hasn’t hit yet, so productive during this time is still at an all time high. If you’re looking for a jazzy cafe track that’s not lo-fi hip-hop to put on while reading? try out this track. Only thing is it’s a short one, so throw it on repeat.

Honorable mention, the track Sweater Weather uses a sample that was also sampled in some rap song. I can’t remember who did it or from what era… I can kind of make out the lyrics in my head but nothing searchable… Oh shit it’s a Yung Lean song; Princess Daisy around 1:40

Album art

You know how vaporwave does it with pulling out old high fashion of the 80s, fashion we’d never wear our selves yet we feel so Nostalgic about. This album art looks like it’s straight from a SEARS Catalogue for an upcoming Autumn collection.

Warm wool, plaid pants and a doctors medical bag carried by red leather gloves, how much subliminal can you get. Oh and did you notice the leaves of fall in the background?

Digital Release

This is the first time I doing an album review (this month) that doesn’t have a cassette selling with it. So, I do want to talk about how small artists do get paid and to in reference to this album but in general. The easiest way to help an artist out is obviously to purchase their music. Even digital downloads on bandcamp are worth owning in my opinion as they show up on your collection. The benefit of show off to everyone around you how big of a vaporwave collection you have also is like free advertising for artists. Also if you purchase on bandcamp, you can leave a review of the album, which can show up on the albums bandcamp page. How cool is that.

The second way is if the artist is on Spotify. They get paid small amounts per listens which does add up. Even better if they get on big playlists, their chances of getting found become higher. It’s free for you to listen, so don’t just listen to their music on Bandcamp but also check it out on Spotify. Unfortunately, this album doesn’t look like it’ll get on Spotify due to the sampling.

Final thoughts

I’ve been away from home for a long time. I don’t know when I’ll stop running away from settling down but this album really hit me harder than most on how much I miss seeing my family each season. I missed most of summer this year, I’ll miss fall and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get a week with my brother, sister, dad, mom, and step brothers at Christmas. I do it to myself. Yet this album allowed me to relive those sweet memories. Memories I hope my family also share with me and are grateful to have had.

Thanks for the free download code Tomorrow Entertainment Records… so the first person who sends me a DM on twitter about this review, I’ll give you a free copy as a gift, in which I support the artist with an undisclosed amount of money to back up my support for purchasing digital releases.

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Joys of Autumn by Subliminal Network (Album Review) 5

Joys of Autumn by Subliminal Network (Album Review) 6

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