June – July 2020 – Concerts

This article was originally published in Visual Signals: ISSUE ZERO

猫 シ Corp plays an ambient show
“First 25 minutes is 猫 シ Corp. ! I did an ambient set live with old and also new unreleased material…” – 猫 シ Corp | Watch here: https://bit.ly/2YC1kxc

June - July 2020 - Concerts 5

Pad Chennington’s Block Party (PCBP)
PCBP was an all-day even with two stages featuring 26 different artists. Leading up to June 20th, Pad had special guests streaming random events like playing video games or doing fan interviews. Pad’s own label, KATS KILL RECORDS, ran the “Upper Cut” stages, while VAPOR MEMORY ran the “Southpaw Stage”. This event was dedicated to the memory of George Floyd and his family and was used to donate to his Memorial Fund. It was amazing to see ev.exi, Tsudio Studio, HATENA, Ahero, Shoji and PowerPCME.
Pad is uploading each set on his labels YouTube channel but at the moment it seems its replay is limited.

Most artists are uploading their own sets to their own YouTube and Patron channels. Find more information from the respective artist.

Congrats Pad for putting together such a massive event. It turned out better than I think people expected. It’ll do down in the history books as it was probably the biggest concert of the summer. I just wish it was going on every weekend — KITE0080

June - July 2020 - Concerts 6

Pacific Plaza Records (@PacificPlazaRec) held another digital concert featuring Augnos, Phantacat and Yung Shiro. Stating, “All money raised will be split between The Peoples City Council LA and The Okra Project.”

Interestingly enough, they had an RSVP on Facebook which I thought was a really good idea to remind people of the show and to get other people interested considering it was hosted on Twitch. URL Parties are really becoming big news in through these “strange times” of covid-19. Glad people are still interested in listening to good music live.

June - July 2020 - Concerts 7
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June - July 2020 - Concerts 8

June - July 2020 - Concerts 9

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