Let’s hang out in the food court + other releases

Physical Releases

Let's hang out in the food court + other releases 3

Let The World End by C!erra My$t (First Edition Cassette)

Although the album is extremely chill (that first track is sweet), it seems C!erra My$t might be angry with that album description. I’m happy to see he got a cassette out and that album art is super funky. I also like how in mall problems, you get a feel of being teleported to some kind of futuristic shopping experience, one that after you purchase all these crazy gadgets you wake up from a beautiful dream.

Let's hang out in the food court + other releases 4

Unfound – Horizon by Unfound (Limited Edition Cassette)

Good morning and what a morning to wake up to a spacy chillsynth album. Maybe your cassette collection contains mainly vapor and future funk, why not mix it up and add this one to the mix?

Digital Releases

GATE by Kid Mania

“This album often feels like a physical artifact left over from a shifted reality, the horror being that it acts as more of a mirror to our world than a portal to another. In crafting this reality that could have been, Kid Mania revels in these concepts as magnified observations on very real happenings, albeit in limited forms. For now. Sadly, us dumb Earth hicks just don’t get it.” I like that ‘The Wired’ sample at the start of the first track and then we go into a Bladerunnner vibe.

D e s i d e r i u m by Skelle違う

I guess this is kind of a chillwave lofi album mixed with vaporwave aesthetics. Very different than what I’m normally listening to. The bass drum sounds great, the synths are off in the distance and when there is sampling it sounds pretty beat. Interesting.

Spend Some Time In Our New Food Court by Maplewood Shopping Village

Those feels for when you go to the food court.

Let's hang out in the food court + other releases 5

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